Dag Heward Mills, Bishop of Lighthouse Group of Churches, delivering his sermon. Picture: ERNEST KODZI
Dag Heward Mills, Bishop of Lighthouse Group of Churches, delivering his sermon. Picture: ERNEST KODZI

Worshippers throng Accra Sports Stadium for miracle service

Hundreds of members of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC) from across the country, gathered at the Accra Sports Stadium last Friday to mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with a healing and miracle service.

The service dubbed “Good Friday Miracle Service,” was the ninth in a series since the church initiated the annual programme in 2015. Most of the members, who were in black attire, were joined by dignitaries as well as friends and family from sister churches to experience the miracle service.

Song ministration

The service began with intense worship, vibrant praise and fervent prayers. It was spiced with song ministrations from the church choir, while a group of young choreographers also climbed the stage to thrill the congregants with beautiful dance performances.

The joy later changed to a sober mood when pastors of some branches of the LCI read the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross from the books of Matthew, Luke and John.


Later in his sermon, which was based on the biblical prodigal son story captured in Luke 15:12 to 24, the Founder of the Lighthouse Group of Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, said many people were embarking on journeys which were leading them to destruction.

He said the world was full of people who did not want God and had decided to go as far from Him as possible. In some cases, the bishop said some of them get the chance to repent while others who intend to repent during their old age never had the chance to.

“You must remember God when you are young because no one can tell whether you will die as an old person or a young person. Don’t say to yourself that you will turn to God when you grow old because you may not get the chance to change,” the evangelist and prophet said.

Bishop Heward-Mills said the prodigal son was one of the greatest heroes in the Bible because he recognised his mistake and showed remorse. He explained that many people committed sins but found it difficult to ask for forgiveness.

“Tonight God is telling all of us to turn around from our sins and come back home and He will forgive us,” Bishop Heward-Mills said. He later declared blessings on the congregation and prayed for healing for the ailing congregants present.

Miracles and healing

Some attendees who claimed they had been healed from all manner of diseases climbed the stage to testify. A young man from Nigeria, who said he went swimming 10 years ago and his ears got blocked while in the water, said he received healing when the bishop prayed.

Another person who said he fell from a storey building, landed on his knees and developed severe pains to the extent he could not bend his knees, also confessed of being healed.

An old woman who had also developed chronic back pain and could hardly walk, also testified she was healed when the Holy Spirit entered into her and the pain suddenly vanished.

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