Stolen crash barriers to be replaced — Resident engineer

BY: Emmanuel Bonney

The crash barriers that have been stolen at the Pokuase Interchange are to be replaced to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

According to the Resident Engineer of the Pokuase Interchange and Local Roads Project (Associated Consultants Limited), Mr Kwabena Bempong, measures were also being instituted to protect the crash barriers from theft.

He told the Daily Graphic yesterday that although the construction firm had completed the project, it had not completely washed its hands off it, since the company had a contract for the next one year to carry out maintenance on the facility.

Bolts and nuts

Mr Bempong said with the experience from the theft of the crash barriers, the firm would ensure that anti-theft bolts and nuts were used in order to make them difficult to be removed.

He said the company would make a suggestion to the Ministry of Roads and Highways in respect of the anti-theft bolts and nuts.

He added that the stealing of road elements was a widespread problem in the country, as could be seen with the stealing of metal grids covering drains and hand rails, among other things.

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