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Signs he’s really unhappy with you

Signs he’s really unhappy with you

Is your significant other coming right out and saying he's unhappy with your relationship? Most likely not. Men are more apt to keep things in or show their displeasure in other ways.

Or perhaps he's "telling" you he's unhappy about isolated events or situations in your partnership, but hasn't outright said, "Hey babe — this isn't working for me."


Whatever the case may be, here are 15 signs he's unhappy in your relationship.

He's wrapped up in other things . . . so much so that he doesn't notice you like he used to.

His distracted nature most likely is a sign that he's upset about something.

Whether it's the two of you remains to be seen, but if he's not paying attention to you like he used to, you've got an issue.

•You notice him getting frustrated over things that should be, or used to be, nonissues.

His tolerance for just about anything is lower. You feel a little as if you're walking on eggshells with him.

•It sort of feels as if he's just going through the motions.

He's there with you, but his energy toward you is more passive than active.

He doesn't come to the table with ideas and affections like he once did.

•His relationship with his phone is becoming more and more important to him.

You find yourself saying, "Stop looking at your phone," or wondering why he is on the damn phone so much.

•Suddenly, he's become "BFFs" with new people.

He's surrounding himself with people that you don't know, and that he seems to have no intention of introducing you to.

He's developing a life outside of your relationship that is so important and without you.

•He used to be so doting and did many cute little things for you, but not anymore.

Breakfast in bed is a thing of the past.

He is not making that kind of effort anymore.

•Everyone needs alone time, but it's getting to be too much.

He's doing his own thing. Constantly. You're lucky you can find the guy.

•Remember how you waited for his texts in the beginning?

It's the same all over again, except this time his responses range from normal to disinterested to angry.


•It's boys' night . . . every night.

He used to love spending time with you. And while you love seeing your friends, too, he seems to be having a "relationship" with his buddies, and not you anymore.

•He doesn't notice when you look good or sexy.

It's almost as if you are invisible to him. He doesn't notice the things that initially attracted him to you like he used to.

•He's got a to-do list, and number one involves changing you!

Do you feel as if he's picking you apart?

As if nothing you do is ever good enough? Does he have a "list" of things he wants to change about you?


•You don't even feel like you're in a relationship.

You feel alone all the time, but when you talk to him he says, "Everything is fine," even though he's acting not remotely fine!

•He's so wrapped up in work/school that he's rarely around.

His sudden devotion to work could be due to money issues, saving for a big purchase, or perhaps diving into work as a way to cope with your relationship issues.


•A drink or two is not a problem, but your man seems to be drinking a bit too much.

It's sort of like he's reverting back to his youth, and not in a cute way. He may be partying to cope with your problems.

• Do his emotions run hot and cold? Has he shared that he's upset with how things are going?

He may be struggling to tell you how he's feeling about the two of you.

You may need to ask him flat out, "Are you still happy with me? With us?"

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