Money is everything but nothing

BY: Kobina Ansah's Shrine
Money is great but life is greater.

MONEY makes life easy. It solves a lot of headaches. Without good money, you can’t have good education.

Money prolongs our life. Indeed, someone may have been alive today if they had had enough money to take care of themselves when they fell ill. Life without money can be hell!
Others say love makes the world go round, but we all know that without money, love is only a noun.

When some good money abounds, love becomes a vibrant verb.
When they say one should marry for the sake of love, the question one should be asking is whether love can pay bills when they come knocking. When we are told to choose love ahead of everything, we should maybe ask which edifice in this world was ever built with love.
Without money, dreams are useless. Without money, good intentions may look like “no intentions”. The

Good Samaritan may have never been mentioned if all he had was good intentions yet no money.
Money is a silencer. It puts a stop to all nonsense. Ed Sheeran once bought his neighbours’ homes to the tune of almost four million pounds because they kept nagging that he made a lot of noise. Case closed!
When a man is filthy rich, his senseless comments are regarded by many as wise sayings and his reckless life becomes a trend. When a woman is awesomely wealthy, her family members sometimes apologise to her when she’s even late for a family meeting.

When people are rich, they are oftentimes exalted next to God in church. Their opinions are paramount always. Money is everything!

Money can change people. When many troop in and out of church in search of God, what they may actually be looking for is MONEY. Give them money and they won’t come back.

Little wonder many become fed up with how many hours a church service lasts when they become rich; the same traditions they kept before they had money becomes a nuisance when they get money. True humility is tested when a person has money because poverty sometimes covers pride.
Money is a legal tender but it is sometimes the only reason others engage in illegal activities. Others try to get it wrongly while those who already have it try to use it wrongly.

They buy their way through everything. Money can buy people’s integrity. It can buy people’s trust. If money couldn’t buy people’s vote, some politicians could never have had a taste of power.
Money is power. It commands authority. The elderly bow to the young as long as they have money.

Money can buy beauty. Give a man a few dollars and he will be a testimony to the fact that an ugly man is only a poor man. Give the ugliest man on earth a brand new Mercedes and let him drive through town and it will be evident that handsomeness is very relative. Money is money!

Money gives people a sense of worth. It makes them feel accomplished. It doesn’t matter how a man got his wealth because all of a sudden, he becomes a model every parent uses to advise children. When a young woman has a fat bank account, she becomes the toast of town.
Money seems like the fuel of life but it never seems enough. Money may seem like all a man needs in this life but life in itself is far bigger than money. Life without money can be hell, but have you ever paused to ask what money without life could be?

Money can buy a house but not a home. A house is only a structure. Life and love in that structure makes it a home. Money can buy all the cars there may ever be, but what if you have no strength to drive them? Money can buy all the material things that will make life pleasurable, but to start with, you need life which no amount of money can buy!

Never look down on others because you have money they don’t have. Money is like a bird. Today, it perches on one man’s house. The next day, it flies elsewhere. Never trample on another because of the wealth you have been able to attain. We are only stewards of what we have. After all, others have worked even harder than we have yet aren’t where we are.

Money should never be the reason relationships will turn sour. If a man will take the life of another man, money should never be the reason. The worst stupidity is to kill another man for material wealth.

Everything the eyes can see can be bought with money. Everything the eyes can’t see can’t be bought with money because they are priceless. If you can see a car, it is because you can buy it. If you can’t see breath, it is because it is too expensive to be bought. What is not visible to nature is always more expensive than what is visible!

Money can buy charm but never character. It can buy one all the material things that can bring happiness but it can never buy joy. Money is everything but nothing.

Money is great but life is greater. We sometimes chase so much after money that we forget that without life, all the money there ever may be will only be useless pieces of paper. Money is everything but as long as life is concerned, it is nothing. What is money if it can’t buy an extra life when you need it? What is money if it can’t buy you extra hours in a day? What is money if it can’t pay your way through Heaven?

Chase your dreams with all your energy. Pursue life with all urgency. However, while at it, take a minute to reflect on your life and those of others. Be thankful for the priceless gift of life and let every dream of yours be focused on making lives better.

When your dream is to be rich, you live all your life chasing after papers, even if it means stepping on everyone to get it. When your dream is to enrich lives, you live all your life placing value on what the richest man on earth can never buy in his entire lifetime.

Kobina Ansah is a Ghanaian playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com), an Accra-based writing firm.