When do men consider women as marriageable material?

BY: Salomey Appiah-Adjei
A-plus with his wife
A-plus with his wife

Women often wait for “Mr Right” and men look out for the “bone of their bone” when it comes to settling down with a life partner. But at the bottom of all these fantasies, both sexes look out for different traits.

According to psychologists, some of the traits that men look out for in their future wives are that she should be an independent thinker, she should not be pretentious, she should be focussed and a dreamer, she should be able to spend time alone and most of all she should not be a gold digger.

Generally, men also look out for women who will help them plan their lives, pick them up when they are down and also be willing to deliver and mother their children.

The gender page set out to interview a section of men and these are some of their views.

Famous Kwesi Atitsogbe, Media and Communications Strategist

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I believe it takes a matured man to see a woman who is marriage material.

That is because woman might be very good and have very good qualities termed as marriage material but the man might still be a ‘boy’ and so will not appreciate the effort of the woman.

There are very good women out there but some of the men they are dating are boys and so their efforts are not appreciated.

Nonetheless, when a man gets to a certain stage and wants to settle down, he definitely looks out for certain qualities in the woman he wants to settle down with and build a home.

Those qualities go beyond the sex, parties, beauty and others they look out for when they are in their hay days.

The man looks for someone who will support his goals and visions and is versatile. A woman who is well oriented to take care of the home and is ready to transit from being a girl to becoming a woman.

She should be someone who is poised to become a career woman, has a sense of independency, direction and is ready to partner the man to build a home and a legacy.

Through conversations and dating, the man is able to detect and weigh if the woman has some of these qualities that he wants.

A woman must give a man the reason to stay, and if he really wants to say, he will.

Mr Ransford Magnusen, Teacher

Every woman qualifies to be marriage material. However, possessing certain qualities puts some women ahead of others when it comes to choosing a woman to be your wife.

For me a woman who is marriage material basically should exude most of what the Bible says in Proverbs 31.

Proverbs 31 details the attributes of a virtuous wife or ideal woman and also directs women to be industrious and to fear the Lord.

Apart from what the Bible says, I think a woman who is marriage material should know how to perform the basic household chores, should be supportive, must be religiously strong (be prayerful), must be respectful and obedient as well as eschew indecent exposure of her body.

That is not to say she should not be fashionable, but her ways which includes the way she even dresses must glorify God.

To make a good home, I believe that physical looks does not matter because beauty fades but a woman who has good training is more dependable.

Mr David Acquah, Media Consultant

In my personal opinion, I think every woman is marriage material.

I believe every woman has the potential to be groomed to respect and manage the home.

Nonetheless, if there are women who are supposed to be marriage material then there equally has to be men who are marriage material.

This is because marriage is a union between two people and one is not supposed to enjoy more than the other.

In the Ghanaian context, I believe that when they say a woman is marriage material, they mean that she should be a virtuous woman, who is understanding, hardworking, hospitable, fertile and God fearing. She is also believed to be matured and is prepared to face the good and bad sides of marriage.

Personally, I believe that a woman who fears God is the one that qualifies to be marriage material.

All other things can be managed with time, patience and proper nurturing.

Mr Mickel Ofori Ntiamoah, Photographer

Although the woman I would want to marry must be presentable, I am not really focusing on the physical qualities of the woman because there is more to marriage than the physical qualities.
For me, one thing that I will consider in choosing a wife is how respectful, matured and humble the woman is.

I believe that a woman must respect her husband as much as he will also respect her.

I want to avoid that scene where I will be talking to my wife and she will be talking back at me and try to exchange words with me.

Although some men are also particular about a woman who can cook, I am not really bothered about that because I can help with that.

Also, I believe that in taking good care of your wife, she will become the beautiful wife that you want her to be.