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Why combination of beans, fried ripe plantain is considered unhealthy – Experts

However, the feeling of sweetness or how delicious a meal is doesn’t make it healthy for you.

When food is properly combined, every organ in the body enjoys it. However, if food Is wrongly combined, some health abnormalities arise. The liver is often the first hit and in some cases, it could lead to death or serious Illnesses occurs.

Pius a popular tweeter user with the Twitter handle @prof_pius had through his tweeter page explained why the combination of fried plantain and beans may not be healthy.

According to him, cooking food like beans with unripe plantain has no problems, he said this combination in fact is a perfect combo which makes digestion easy.

However, the same plantain, when it ripes becomes the fruit, he added.

“So, Fire turns the plantains’ sweetness, known as fructose to acidity. Not just acidic, but it’s highly acidic. When fruits are damaged by fire, they become poison to the body. Who suffers? The Liver!

“Here is the problem. Beans take between five to seven hours to digest properly and leave the stomach. While ripe plantains take just three hours

No fruit is digested in the stomach. But In the terminal Ileum. While beans digest In the stomach.

“Ripe plantain doesn’t need a pancreatic enzyme to digest. While beans do.

So when they are combined, the ripe plantain tries to leave the stomach to travel to the terminal Ileum where It digests but the beans won’t allow it. This struggle goes on for a long which is unknown to you. Then, fermentation takes place,” Pius explained.

He therefore referred to the combination of beans and ripe Plantain as ‘Delicious Poison’.

Kemi Lopsam, a natural health doctor and an acupuncturist based in Akure, first spoke about this in 2019 on a website called Newsroom. According to Lopsam, “cooking food like beans with unripe plantains has no problems. It is a perfect combination that makes digestion easy.” But cooking beans with ripe plantains is unhealthy.

She explained that heat turns fructose into acid, and many diseases stem from acidity. Acid-forming foods are unhealthy and dangerous and can cause heart problems, ulcers, and gastrointestinal reflux.


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