Letter to the Editor: Help children develop their talents

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Editor, I believe God has given everyone a talent. Some children are able to identify their talents at an early age while others discover theirs later in life.

Some people are good at singing, dancing, composing music and doing amazing things with the hands.
Usually, people become amazed when they see others who are exceptionally good in a particular thing, but it is unfortunate that when children identify their talent they don’t get the needed assistance to develop it.

Sometimes their parents discourage them when they are not in favour of the child pursuing that talent.

For instance, a child may be very good at playing football but since the parents don’t want him or her to play football in future, they end up ‘killing’ this talent.

Once a child has talent in a particular field, both parents and teachers should assist him or her to develop.

I believe that talent will make the child excel and his or her dream will be fulfilled to the admiration of all. In view of this, children should be assisted to do what they can do to the best of their ability.

Margaret Ashawa Martey,

Two Roses International School.