Auntie Betty: I sleep during lessons

Auntie Betty: I sleep during lessons

Dear Auntie Betty, I am in junior high school Form One.

My classmates always tease me because somehow I fall asleep in class during lessons.


I always report this to my class teacher but she does not say anything.

What should I do?

Worried Person, Accra.


Dear Worried Person, You have to find out what makes you fall asleep in class and take steps to manage it because it is important you pay attention in class.

There are many reasons you may be falling asleep in class. It could be you are not having enough sleep in the evening so that affects you during the day. Sleeping is essential for your health, emotional and mental development, and also in school performance.

You have to check if you are doing something that is preventing you from sleeping early or having quality sleep. Are you staying up late watching television or on social media?

If you are doing these, then you have to stop, set time limits, and follow a regular wake-up and bedtime routine. Avoid the use of electronic devices such as smartphones or television, at least an hour before bed.

Additionally, according to experts, certain foods could also, make you feel sleepy so you have to watch what you eat. For some people, eating heavy foods in the morning could make them feel sleepy. It is also important that you stay active during the day and engage in physical activity to help improve sleep at night.

Furthermore, some people also suffer from sleep disorders so you may have to talk to your parents to help you see a health professional if none of the above works.

All the best.

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