Top 7 mental skills of Olympic athletes - Akwasi Frimpong

BY: Akwasi Frimpong
Akwasi Frimpong
Akwasi Frimpong - Winter Olympian

Becoming an Olympian is the height of athletic success. It also happens to be one of the great mysteries for other people, who can’t seem to understand how these individuals seem naturally destined for success.

Here’s the thing: while skills certainly play a huge role, it’s the mental makeup of Olympic athletes that gets them to the top.

Take a look at the top 7 mental skills of Olympic athletes:

1. Persistent Positive Attitude

It takes a great deal of determination to become an Olympian, and this determination is fueled by an attitude that’s predominantly positive.

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Olympic athletes realize that the pursuit of excellence is more important than perfection, and to do so, means considering themselves as their first and foremost competitors.

2. Consistent Perseverance

One defeat does not mean you are a failure. A time where your efforts fail does not mean you give up. Olympic athletes know it all and are able to persist through difficulties knowing that participation itself is enough for growth.

3. Commitment To Goals

First off, Olympic athletes understand the importance of realistic goal-setting. They assess their own capabilities, their strengths and shortcomings, and set measurable short-term and long-term goals. Once they do, they plan and work hard to keep at them.

4. Effective Social Skills

People are a big part of an Olympic athlete’s journey. From friends and family to coaches and sponsors, Olympic athletes know how to communicate with them all—which means conveying their thoughts and listening to their advice as well.

5. Thought Regulation

When the going gets tough, the tough go…self-talking. Success Olympic athletes do more than just believe in their skills; they believe in their self-motivation potential too. They boost self-confidence by regulating thoughts and feelings with realistic, inspiring self-talk.

6. Anxiety Management

Anxiety is a part of being a professional athlete. Studies reveal that elite athletes are in fact at risk of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, relative to general population. Olympic athletes learn to convert anxiety into positive energy, and if it gets unbearable, find the right help and support.

7. Ultra Concentration

Focus—Olympic athletes have it mastered. Years of training, balancing their athletic and social aspects of life, and taking part in competitions hones their concentration power. They have a “here-and-now” demeanor, leaving worries of the future to the future.

Every Olympic athlete needs to rev their mental skills to help them along their dream of becoming a medalist. If you are out on your own pursuit for the athletic success, African skeleton sport Olympic athlete and motivational speaker Akwasi Frimpong can be a great source of inspiration for you!