Ghanaians don’t appreciate positive music  —Iwan
Ghanaians don’t appreciate positive music —Iwan

Iwan: If you don't sing about buttocks and women, nobody will listen to you

REGGAE/Dancehall artiste Iwan has voiced his frustration over the poor appreciation of what he calls positive music, saying it has contributed to his failed attempts at getting the attention of music enthusiasts in Ghana.

He mentioned that his commitment to coming out with good and socially impactful music has dealt a big blow to his once flourishing career since people like to go with trendy songs rather than his kind of music.

Iwan gained prominence in the Reggae/Dancehall scene with songs such as ‘Who Is Bad’ and ‘Thanks and Praise’ about a decade and a half ago.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently, the artiste whose real name is Abdul Razak said he is being served a raw deal in terms of lack of recognition and popularity because of his choice to do only positive music.

“Our music landscape is often dominated by catchy, mainstream tunes. So when you are dedicated to creating music that challenges the status quo and addresses important issues, you are ignored.

“I have been very vocal about so many wrongdoings in our society. I have spoken so much about homosexuality. However, nobody heard me because even our radio stations would not play my songs since they are not the usual ones about women, buttocks, money, etc.

“They are not songs that talk about sex, alcohol and drugs. Making music that impacts people’s lives and causes behavioural change does not sell, but one thing we must know is that we all can’t keep our mouths and eyes shut and watch our society fall apart,” he stated.

He pointed out that Ghanaians do not appreciate the value of his contributions to the music industry and society as a whole.

However, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, Iwan said he was resolute in his choice of doing positive music and wouldn’t succumb to any pressure to follow what was trending.

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