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Ghanaian movie producers are not producing quality content for Netflix –Chris Attoh
Actor Chris Attoh

Ghanaian movie producers are not producing quality content for Netflix –Chris Attoh

GHANAIAN actor Chris Attoh has voiced concerns about the country's film industry, emphasising that it has not achieved the same level of success on major streaming platforms such as Netflix compared to Nigeria and South Africa due to low-quality content.


Ghana’s movie industry lags behind because it fails to prioritise the production of high-quality content that would grab the attention of both local and international audiences.

In a sit-down conversation with Graphic Showbiz recently, the Tinsel Star, who is yet to premiere his latest movie, Nine, explained that these streaming platforms demand top-tier content to attract viewers but stakeholders in the country’s movie industry have yet to consistently deliver content of such nature.

“It is not about the right content; it is about the quality of the content and Ghana is not producing enough quality content to be able to make it onto these platforms. The reality is, we are such a discerning audience now, not just Ghanaians but the entire world so if you come out with something that doesn’t look good, people can see.

“When you go onto Netflix at the moment, the major content that you find African is from South Africa and also Nigeria. How do we get in the mix, we get in there by things being done the proper way. So, a movie like Nine that has been shot properly should be able to match the kind of movies that Netflix is getting from Nigeria so that when you turn on the TV and you are looking for Ghanaian movies, they are there as well,” he told Graphic Showbiz. (Related article: Stop chasing fame – Chris Attoh to upcoming actors)

Chris emphasised the need for Ghana's film industry stakeholders to reassess their approach to content creation. He urged them to focus on producing content that meets the standards of streaming platforms and aligns with consumer consumption patterns to enable the country to establish a stronger presence in the global entertainment market.

“Change is happening all around us and we can't be left behind. If a ship doesn't know where it is headed, it will end up going nowhere. We just have to make sure we don't end up like a directionless ship. We need to do this well to be sure we hit the excellent mark. This is how the industry will grow and we can only get there if we make the conscious effort to produce quality


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