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Some cast members of ‘Evor’ at the premiere
Sitsofe Tsikor

Evor : Sitsofe’s finished case on domestic violence

It is said that every bad situation is an opportunity for one to get stronger, better and build oneself up. And the current situation of actress/movie producer, Sitsofe Tsikor aptly defines this assertion.


And why not? Sitsofe Tsikor has announced herself and credentials as a solid story-teller with her new movie, Evor, a real life situation which was premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra on Wednesday, March 6.

Following the opening, Evor, produced by her Rainbow Productions, has received huge applause alongside good reviews from experts and industry players for tackling domestic violence.  

What started Evor? 

As a victim of domestic violence with scars that continue to remind her of the pain, Sitsofe knew she needed to find a solution to her psychological torture. 

For many years, the old student of the Achimota School was battling within her and thinking of ways to tell her story of domestic violence.

“Evor’’ means ‘It’s finished’ in my Ewe language and through Evor, I’m assuring myself that the torture of domestic violence has ended in my life that is why I’m telling my story to the world.

“I believe that when celebrities or people in the spotlight share their personal experiences with domestic violence, it can help give those who are still in abusive relationships, as well as survivors, a voice. Not to mention that domestic violence can truly happen to anyone.

“And that is why I boldly told a real story via Evor and interestingly, the theme of domestic violence seems to resonate with many people since it has become a canker and monster in society,” she told the Daily Graphic.

 One of the most talked-about examples of domestic violence occurred in 2009 on the night before the Grammys, when American rapper Chris Brown tried to push his then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna, out of his car. He also banged her head against a passenger window and punched her repeatedly. 

He threatened to beat her again once they got home, but Rihanna had her assistant call the police, who arrested Brown and charged him with two felonies. He was also ordered via restraining order to stay away from her but Rihanna later had the restraining order lifted and the two briefly reconciled.

 Sitsofe said many victims have been forced to keep quiet out of fear. “Not only can domestic violence be challenging to identify, but many victims fear and are ashamed as a result of the abuse, making it difficult for them to come forward. 

“In our part of the world, it’s even a taboo for a married woman to separate from not to talk of divorce her husband because she’s been or being abused both physically and emotionally. Everybody will judge and condemn you for looking out for yourself.

“You become the victim and even stigmatised but the end result is always disastrous as Evor portrayed. However, when celebrities tell a story, people do listen to generate relevant discussions,” she said. 

Sitsofe Tsikor flanked  by cast of 'Evor'


Evor, is a compelling drama inspired by real-life events. It aims among others to bring attention to domestic abuse.

“It also draws attention to society’s failure in intervening and supporting victims of domestic which has led to the loss of many lives too”, Sitsofe added. 

Evor tells the story of Dela, played by Sitsofe, who faces a potential 20-year prison sentence for murdering her husband after enduring years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse.

The film unfolds from the crime scene, unravelling the layers of their love story to the tumultuous incidents of abuse, including the loss of a child and infidelity.

Evor, currently showing at the Silverbird Cinemas, sheds light on Dela's futile attempts to seek help from family, friends, the church and the police, leading to the culmination on that fateful day. 

Who is Sitsofe Tsikor?

A graduate of the Central University and a mother of two, Sitsofe quit mainstream corporate work years ago to fully concentrate on movies as an actor and producer.


The actress, who is also a voice over artiste and model, has featured in a number of movies including Julor, Borga,  Open Marriage  and It takes Two. 

She is also a cast member in TV series Table of Men, Charade and Squatters and has earned space in stage acting with roles in Something Must Kill a Man, Image Bureau’s Run For Your Wife and Fiifi Coleman’s Women at Work. She is currently playing Abiba Sani in the Akwaaba Magic series, Madam.

Already, Evor is making impact with its official selection at the 9th The African Film Festival (TAFF) scheduled to take place in Dallas, Texas, from June 20 to June 23, 2024 and this year’s Eko International Film Festival in Lagos Nigeria. 


Sitsofe is very optimistic that with the right support, Ghana will earn a good place in global film industry.


“Ghanaians are good story tellers, the only challenge is that the productive things don’t get lots of media attention. There are so many good things currently happening with Ghana’s film industry but the attention has been low over the years.

“By God’s grace, I got support for Evor and I pray this continues to inspire many up and coming producers to get into the movie making business,”she added.  

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