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Depending only on music can’t secure your future, even Beyonce and Rihanna own businesses –Becca to GH musicians
Singer Becca

Depending only on music can’t secure your future, even Beyonce and Rihanna own businesses –Becca to GH musicians

GHANAIAN songstress Becca is urging her colleagues in the music industry to diversify their income streams beyond music to ensure long-term financial stability.


Becca's advice is not out of place, as most artists worldwide are exploring various avenues to complement their income amidst changing dynamics in the music industry.

To her, revenue from music streaming and traditional music sales are not encouraging enough to sustain musicians and encouraged them to look at other ventures that would offer them financial stability.

Speaking exclusively to Graphic Showbiz, Becca, who is into real estate as well as a wellness business, stressed that relying solely on music for financial security is risky, citing the unpredictability of success in the industry.

"It is 100 per cent advisable for musicians to add other businesses to their music career if they can. It is one sure way of guarding against the uncertainties that might set in at some point in time."

She pointed out that many global music icons such as Beyoncé and Rihanna have successfully ventured into other industries alongside their music careers, demonstrating the viability of diversification.

“All around the world, the big names we hear have other businesses alongside their music career. Beyoncé does, Rihanna has and makeup line, among others, and they have been successful. It is very important for you to try and do something else in addition to music,” she added.

Touching on her six-year hiatus from music, the Daa Ke Daa hitmaker said she is fully back on the music scene with an even better version of herself and her craft.

The singer, who earned a Master's degree in Brands and Communication from the University of Professional Studies (UPSA), shared with Graphic Showbiz that her academic journey has significantly contributed to her personal growth and she is coming back with a rebranded version of herself.

"I am coming up with a better version of myself and my craft. This academic journey has enriched my knowledge and skill set, promising a rebranded Becca for my fans,” she stated.

“Well, you should expect a better Becca. This time around, I am coming with a wealth of knowledge I have gathered over the years, both from my academic journey and the things I was privileged to be exposed to,” she stated.

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