I can’t find a wife— Bomaye  

BY: Kofi Duah

ALEX Biney has combed the world in search of love, dated more than 10 women from different countries but still cannot find ‘Ms Right’ to settle down with. And it appears loneliness is driving the love sick celebrity to not stop at anything until he finds his soul-mate to marry.

Onetime Ghana’s representative at Big Brother Africa(BBA), Biney aka Bomaye even assembled beautiful ladies under one roof in a love reality TV show known as ‘I’m in Love with Bomaye’ to enable him chose the winner as his future wife. He played the role of a king in search of a bride in the reality show.

 Despite the privilege of choosing the eventual winner, Promzy for a wife, it proved the union was a no match made in heaven as the relationship broke down after a few months.


“I wish I was engaged to an honest, good looking woman who would understand me for who I am. I have been lonely for some time now and I am not happy,” said Bomaye.

Currently in his mid-30s, he told Showbiz in an interview that he wished he could settle down soon with the love of his life, but the artiste who plans to launch a music career says he is still searching for the right woman to spend the rest of his life with as well as bear his children.

Looking back at some of his failed relationships, Bomaye believes it has been a case of either the women did not understand him or he did not understand them. But he suspects strongly too that his “bad boy” ways might have played a role in ruining his relationships, losing many “good women who were down to earth”. Nonetheless, he remains hopeful there is that one special woman out there for him.

“I wish I could go back to some of my ex-girlfriends but I guess it is too late now because most of them are married. I miss the good ones and if I had the chance to meet any of them, I would apologise for my bad behaviour” he said.

Bomaye has given himself up to next year to settle down with the right woman and says he knows he is going to be a good husband to that lucky woman.

The multi-talented artist is planning to release a song called Tagor Money, and later launch the second edition of I’m In Love With Bomaye but says he will not sit on the throne scouting for a soul-mate.

“I’m not going to be the king this time around because I’m producing the show, but whoever the king will be will select a wife from it.”