Nana Adwoa Kwofi getting her shirt autographed by Ghana’s 200m gold medallist Joe Paul Amoah
Nana Adwoa Kwofi getting her shirt autographed by Ghana’s 200m gold medallist Joe Paul Amoah

2023 African Games: Defining moment for Ghanaian journalists

The 13th edition of the African Games marked a significant milestone for Ghanaian journalists who had the honour of covering the continent's premier sporting event for the first time.


Accra 2023 provided a platform for these journalists to immerse themselves in a plethora of sports, offering a blend of challenges and invaluable learning experiences that have left an indelible mark on their professional journeys.

In an exclusive interview with the Graphic Sports, several of them reflected on their experiences at the African Games and how it has shaped their future coverage of major competitions.

Although each journalist encountered their own set of trials, from navigating accreditation procedures to securing coveted interviews with athletes, their collective experiences underscored the profound significance of the African Games in shaping their journalistic careers.

Nana Adwoa Kwofi from SheSportsgh, Elizabeth Alhassan, a media officer for the Local Organising Committee (LOC), and Richard Achore from GhSportsNews offered unique perspectives on their experiences during this historic event.

For Nana Adwoa, the highlight of her coverage was collecting autographs from athletes and officials, a tangible memento of her journey through Accra 2023. 

Recounting her adventure, she expressed satisfaction with the seamless accreditation process and efficient transportation arrangements.

“It was exciting. I was ready to explore because it was my first time covering the African Games. Accreditation went on well. The process was actually easy for me. Transportation too was excellent because moving from one venue to another was stress-free,” said Nana Adwoa.

Despite encountering challenges in covering unfamiliar disciplines such as martial arts, Nana Adwoa emerged with cherished memories that she believes will endure for a lifetime.

“Mr. and Mrs Zaher and their son gifted me African Games T-shirts with signatures of the Sports Minister, LOC chairman, athletes and journalists, both local and foreign,” she added.

“I didn’t cover some of the disciplines because I was not familiar with them and also the location was far. I covered handball, badminton, table tennis, athletics, volleyball, tennis, pickleball and football. I had a challenge covering martial arts and Sambo because I was not familiar with them,” she said.

Richard Achore, buoyed by the pride of witnessing Ghana host the African Games for the first time, found himself swept up in the electric atmosphere of the event.

Richard Achore - His experiences underscored the transformative power of live sports

Despite minor logistical hiccups, such as the nature of accreditation materials, Achore reveled in the spectacle of packed arenas at the Borteyman Sports Complex and the palpable sense of excitement that permeated every sporting venue. 

His experiences underscored the transformative power of live sports, as he bore witness to history unfolding before his eyes.

“For me, it was fantastic, it was amazing and it was fascinating because this is the first time that Ghana is hosting the African Games. Although Ghana did not get everything right, the major things were done,” he said.

“This is my first time covering the African Games and it was a nice experience. Sometimes they played two different games at the same time and you wish to watch both but it's impossible so you have to make a decision which was very difficult. The volleyball stadium was always packed with spectators and watching tennis live at Borteyman was an amazing feeling.,” he said.

On his experiences with getting access to athletes for interviews, he said: “It was not easy getting access to athletes for interviews even as a venue media officer. I remember I wanted to talk to Abeiku Jackson after his swimming event but he was not happy after the race because he had targeted gold but got silver. I had to follow him to the bathhouse and waited there for about an hour before he granted us an interview. Aside from that, I made a lot of contacts during the African Games and I learned a lot of things as well.”

Elizabeth Alhassan, serving in dual roles as Venue Media Officer and Event Coordinator, found herself at the epicentre of operations. Immersed in the intricacies of event organisation, she marvelled at the seamless coordination of infrastructural facilities and the vibrant tapestry of cultures represented by athletes from across the continent.

Elizabeth Alhassan was one of the LOC’s Venue Media Officers during the cycling events

Interacting with key stakeholders and luminaries of the sports world, Elizabeth gained invaluable insights into the meticulous planning required to orchestrate such a monumental event.

“Everything was on point and that made the African Games lovely and gave me good memories as well. The feeling was great and I am proud of myself for covering the 13th African Games," she said.


"I had the privilege to see the superstar athletes in person at their venues during the competition. The opening and closing ceremonies were great. I met members of the LOC, the Minister of Youth and Sports and other dignitaries and I interacted with them as well about the journey to organising such big events. The memories will linger for a long time,” she added.

An estimated 5,000 elite athletes from 44 countries competed for honours and personal glory in what has been referred to as Africa's version of the Olympic Games.

The Accra 2023, concluded with a dazzling closing ceremony, marking Egypt's stellar performance as the standout feature. 

The Egyptian contingent shone with a remarkable haul of 191 medals, including an overwhelming 102 golds. This impressive achievement secured their position as the overall champions, leaving Nigeria in second place with 121 total medals, of which 47 were gold, while South Africa claimed third position with 106 medals, 32 of which were gold.


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