Ghana Card: US$1.2 billion 15-year budget ‘inflated’ – Ken Agyapong

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Mr Kennedy Agyapong has questioned the 15-year period budget of US$1.2billon for the issuance and management of the national identification card – Ghana Card.

According to him, because his company working with an Indian company was unsuccessful in winning the bid for the job, he was constrained in criticizing the project in order not to be misconstrued.

Speaking on the television programme, “The Dialogue with Kennedy Agyapong” on Net2 Wednesday morning, the law maker said, if the entire project, building, software, hardware and all the drives will cost US$100million, “why is it that in the next 15years, it will cost the nation $1.2billion.”

“Is Ghana’s population in the next 15years going to be 100million, is that what he [Prof Attafuah] is saying? Is the upgrading of software and hardware in 15years $1billion?, he questioned.

“Do you know what 1.2billion can do in this country,” he added.

To Mr Agyapong, “it Is inflated big time, read my lips,… if it is NDC I will talk, NPP I will talk, I don’t care, I’m serving my country, yes! I challenge him [Prof Ken Attafuah, Executive Secretary of NIA,” he added.

He claimed he was collecting a dossier on the NIA boss and at the appropriate time he will release it but was currently constrained in order not to be misconstrued that because he [Agyapong] did not win the bid for the NIA job, that was why he was going on that crusade.

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“Cast your burden unto Jesus for he cares for you,” sounding proverbial, the lawmaker said and added everything he predicts or says will come to pass.

On social media, there are questions and comparison with the national biometric ID card of India and that of Ghana.

Some have asked why India with a population of 1.2billion and started a similar project in 2009 is costing them US$1.7 billion whilst that of Ghana is going to be US$1.22 billion over a 15 year period.

Some have suggested that for 15years, there will be wear and tear, lost cards etc which would require replacements hence the cost is justified.

The National Identification Authority (NIA) on Monday announced that the planned rollout has suffered a “technical glitch” and will therefore make an announcement when the technical difficulty is resolved to pave way for the registration to go ahead.

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