Coming into office likely for CPP — Samia

BY: Samuel K. Obour

•Ms Samia Nkrumah (right) presenting a book titled “Africa Must Unite” by Kwame Nkrumah to Mr Kobby Asmah, the Political Editor, after the interview. Pictures: Gabriel AhiaborThe Convention People’s Party (CPP) is placing premium on building a disciplined party that is visible, attractive and can be trusted  to win the 2016 polls.

With a clear policy direction, loyal, dedicated and committed members across the country, the Chairperson of the party, Madam Yaba Samia Nkrumah, said the party could perform creditably well, stressing “we want to be efficient, well-organised, promising not only to prosecute the 2016 agenda but to win that year’s election.”

She said the CPP had put its house in order by looking within, strengthening internal reforms and doing whatever it took to grow the party.

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Sharing some insights into party plans with the Daily Graphic at the weekend, Madam Nkrumah said it was their firm belief that the nation’s salvation lay in the election of a CPP government with its development policy guidelines of Nkrumaism as a well-oiled mechanism to transform Ghana’s neo-colonial economy.

This, Samia Nkrumah pointed out, would redeem the nation from unemployment, poverty and more of the same defective development policies by the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party, which would bring no improvement in the standard of living of the people.


Choice facing Ghanaians

In her view, coming into political office was likely for the CPP, especially in view of the poor performance by NPP and NDC administrations.

Are we going to follow SAP and trade liberalism or follow the development agenda of Nkrumaism as seen in the 1960s. This period, she said, was referred to as Golden years of  Ghana.The choice is clear for the Ghanaian electorate.

“Nkrumaism holds the key to our development and the search for economic freedom,” she stated.


Reforms and Transparency

According to the CPP chairperson, members of the party are consulting each other to agree on a set of internal reforms and insist on transparency in the operations of the party.

“We intend to make our operations transparent. Already, we have completed our financial statement/report and very soon we will submit it to the Electoral Commission as required by the electoral laws,” Ms Nkrumah disclosed.

In all of these, she stressed that “we are calling for greater transparency in all of our operations to be attractive and competitively ready for the 2016 elections.”


E-Data base

As part of measures to effectively organise the party, Ms Nkrumah further disclosed that the party had developed a national electronic database of members.

We are piloting it and discussing how to manage it, she told the Daily Graphic, explaining that  the electronic database, which would serve as a register to access the party’s strength and for dues payment,  would also form the basis of the party’s re-organisation and mobilisation drive.

Related to that she said the party was targetting the youth. “If you examine our membership, you will see a lot of young people receptive to ideals of self-reliance,” she added.

“Once we start doing these things, the party would attract support and would be taken more seriously,” Ms Nkrumah opined.


Confiscated assets

She disclosed that the CPP was working hard to recover all  its confiscated assets. We are in the process of completing the full documentation of our main assets across the country. We will not relent in this enterprise, Ms Nkrumah pointed out, saying “if need be, we will resort to all actions, including legal.”


Jomoro defeat

“For many of us , the 2012 Elections was a watershed,” Ms Nkrumah stated.

She described 2012 as being an electoral setback, but was glad the party was successful in the  Kumbungu by-election.

“At a time people thought we were not there we survived.

“We will work hard to overcome the kith and kin relationship, monetisation or material gains, idol or hero worshipping in our politics.

“We will strengthen and enhance party activity at the branch and constituency levels.

“We believe we have a mission to fulfil, a mission that began with Ghana’s political independence but not yet accomplished without gaining economic independence.” she said


CPP and goodwill

On why the party had not taken advantage of its goodwill, the CPP chair explained “we have not had the courage to speak our mind and tell Ghanaians what they need to know about the CPP. We have not been strong on party education and ideology. For instance, what does the CPP stand for, its mission, aim of party educational programme etc.

“From educational perspective, we have not been able to reach out to the electorate. From now onwards, I can assure you we will be on the ground, battle-ready.”

On whether the CPP had the needed financial resources to accomplish all its public education programmes, Ms Nkrumah stressed, “I don’t buy the idea of lack of resources.

“I firmly believe a party must run with a disciplined force. It must first have a good message, efficient organisational capabilities and some resources and I can assure you, we would get better results. We believe sooner or later an Nkrumaist party will come into political office or power,” she predicted.

According to Ms Nkrumah, the new CPP is emerging and recalled that after the 2012 polls, many people wrote us off, but we proved our skeptics wrong with the by-election in Kumbungu.

“We saw the situation as an opportunity to search deep into ourselves and bring out the most convinced political thought. We won that election,” she stated.

By Kobby Asmah/Daily Graphic/Ghana