McDan provides water storage facility for four communities in Ada

BY: Kwame Larweh
Joshua Anim ,treasurer Ada Youth For Devlopment, (AYFD), left, holds the association's banner with James Tsiani Gadugah (centre) and a member of the asociation

An affable businessman, Daniel Mckorley of McDan Group of Companies, is continuing his generosity towards the indegenes of Ada, Big Ada and Adafoah by presenting polytanks to some communities to easily access water.

The provision of the tanks which was meant to curb and forestall the perennial water shortage in those vicinities was facilitated by Electrochem Ghana, a subsidiary of McDan Group of Companies.

The beneficiary communities are Nakompe, Bonikope, Toflokpo and Salom.

The tank contain 15000 litres.of water which is enough for those communities. In addition to this, McDan under the auspices of his electrochem company is providing potable water to various communities in Ada.


The water storage facility is part of McDan's  agenda to making Ada a hub of industrial and residential development.

The astute businessman is set to provide potable water to the following communities. The communities are Kposem Okorhuesisi, Lolonya, Kablevu,Kpotitsekopey and Adjumanikopey.

The rest are Agbedrafor, Matsekopey and Luhuour.

The facility is only one of many developmental projects to come to the affected communities .

Other projects like road expansion, astro turfs, libraries, school blocks and a scholarship scheme are ongoing.