Kayayei, market women benefit from health screening

BY: Jemima Okang Addae
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File photo

To mark the Global Youth Day, the Bethel Osu Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church youth ministry organised a health screening exercise for the Kayayei and market women at the Osu Market in Accra last Saturday.

The event dubbed, “Loving the Forgotten” was to show love to the community, especially the Kayayei as part of the church’s effort to impact the community they operate in.

The Youth Leader, Kwaku Acheampong Aning said the call to action “be the sermon” was to demonstrate the love of God and practice what they learned in church.

“As Adventist young people, we feel we need to tell the love of God, demonstrate what we learn in church by being the sermon once every Saturday a year and tell the members that it is not only having to come to church to listen to the sermon but practising what you hear in church” he said


The screening was done by eye surgeons, general physicians and nurses from various hospitals who are members of the church, who used their skills to reach out to the beneficiaries as they filled the market to get screened.

Mr Aning said the Global Youth Day was the launch of the Youth Week of Prayer, which came on annually where every SDA youth group started the week by serving their communities.

“All over the world, every young Adventist is going out today to be the sermon” he added

He said the church started those programmes in 2018 and that, they wanted to meet the Kayayei and market women in the Osu Market and share their love with them.

“This is an annual event that we organise on the Global Youth Day where the young people in the church come and reach out to the community to show love. This year, we wanted to meet the people at the market and to share our love with them,” he added.

He explained that to be able to share their love and be the sermon, they decided on the health screening to reach out to about 200 people in the community and to donate some items such as toiletries, clothes and food.

Bethel SDA

The First Elder of the church, Benjamin Aryee said the church had been at Osu a little over 30 years and the responsibility of a church in an area was to make an impact, including seeing to the welfare of the people.

He said occasionally, the church organised events like that and that during the pandemic, they distributed some items to people within their community.

Mr Aryee noted that it was the responsibility of the church and every Christian to help their neighbours and “so in helping them (Kayayei), we are helping the community”.