Give more attention to children — Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle

BY: Daily Graphic

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, has consecrated the new church auditorium of the St Sylvanus Catholic Church at Pokuase with a call on the church to give more attention to children.

Most Reverend Palmer-Buckle expressed worry over the church’s relegation of children to the background in its activities even though they were the future of the church. 

He pointed out that the church had lost its orientation as far as children were concerned.

He observed at the ceremony that after the consecration and the  opening of the church building, the adults were allowed into it while the children were left outside.

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Having identified some empty spaces in the auditorium, he personally went out and called the children to come in.

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle noted that the situation was similar to what pertained in most Christian institutions and called for it to be stopped. 

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“The children, on such an occasion like this, will have to be here to be taught, to learn and to understand the basics of our faith because it is out of these children that we will raise leaders of the church”, he said.

He contended that the less attention given to children, particularly in the church, had contributed to the increasing number of deviants in the society.

Quoting from Matthew chapter 19 verse 40, and Luke chapter 18 verses 15 to 17, Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle reminded the church that the kingdom of God belonged to children first and foremost and, therefore, the best of opportunities needed to be given to them.


Be holy

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle in a homily explained that everything done in the Catholic Church, including the use of holy water at the entrances to church building to make the sign of the cross, was found in the Bible.

That, he explained, was to remind Catholics, any time they entered the church, of their baptism with water and the call to live a holy life.

The burning of incense, he further said was a symbol of offering oneself to the Lord.

He advised Christians to manifest their holiness in their dancing and dressing, particularly in the house of God, because the church was a sacred place cons-ecrated to God. 

The Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle advised Christians to offer their lives to God and called on church workers, including ushers, choristers, the Knight and Ladies of St John and Marshalls, to make listening to sermons their priority for going to church. 

He noted that most church workers concerned themselves only with their assigned duties when they went to church.

He lauded the Parochial Administrator, Reverend Father George Ekow Mensah, and the leadership of the church for their efforts to bring the parish to its current status.


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