From Left: Rev. Dr Stephen Yenusom Wengam, Rev. Dr Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, Bishop Eddy Addy and Bishop Boniface Keelson praying over the book to unveil it
From Left: Rev. Dr Stephen Yenusom Wengam, Rev. Dr Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, Bishop Eddy Addy and Bishop Boniface Keelson praying over the book to unveil it

God factor diminishing in today’s churches — Rev. Dr Wengam

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Dr Stephen Wengam, has said the God factor is gradually diminishing in today’s churches.


He said the early churches believed in the absolute power of God and, therefore, relied on God for supernatural miracles, a belief, he said, was missing in today’s believers. In his opinion, "The body of Christ in this country has suffered a disease called extremist", explaining that instead of people trusting and relying on the power of God for supernatural miracles, today’s believers had instead introduced their own concepts of supernatural breakthroughs, giving steps and procedures that people must follow to experience breakthroughs, thereby relegating the power of God to the background.

Book launch

Rev. Dr Wengam made the remarks at the launch of a book titled "Supernatural Intelligence and Academic Miracles" at the Holy Hill Chapel of the Assemblies of God Church in Accra last Sunday.

The 10-chapter book, written by the renowned televangelist preacher and Head Pastor of the Holy Hill Chapel, Rev. Dr Kwadwo Boateng Bempah, explores the supernatural powers of God in the academic pursuit of believers — Christians.

"This book is thus intended to draw believers' attention to the fact that God's miracle power knows no bounds; it can also solve academic problems," the author said, adding that "nothing in this world can function perfectly without the intervention of God. God was displeased when Job questioned His authority, wisdom and power in Job 38".

The book touches on important themes, including supernatural intelligence, supernatural understanding, supernatural help, supernatural revelation of answers, supernatural change of results, and supernatural deliverance from the curse of stagnation (repeated failure).

The book, apart from shedding light on what God could do to turn things around in the academic lives of people, also outlines the roles individuals must play to complement God's grace.

Supernatural miracles

The leader of the Assemblies of God Church encouraged Christians to turn to God and to have faith that God was still the same and that He could still intervene in people’s challenges.

"If you've been around from the 40s to the 60s, the church believed absolutely in the supernatural — everything God, power, Holy Ghost, grace, and mercy," Rev. Dr Wengam observed.

“Then into the late 80s, and then of course, within that time, we didn’t apply too much of wisdom. So, we downplayed the role we must play for the miracle to happen," he said.

"God works through us, with us, by us and for us," he stressed, pointing out that "God doesn’t work exclusively; that is why He needs your faith.” He explained that even though God’s sovereignty on some occasions would overrule the role people had to play, God needed the faith and full commitment of His children to perform miracles in their lives.

Rev. Dr Wengam said the Assemblies of God Church was poised to send the light of God to all people to restore God’s ordinances in people’s lives.

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