Dr Lawrence Tetteh
Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Dr Tetteh on crusade to improve education, development in Ga State

An international evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has begun a crusade to rally indigenes from the Ga State to come together to improve the level of development and progress of individuals and communities to impact the state.


He was of the view that the low level of education in the Ga State has impeded its developmental process and called for a concerted effort to reverse the trend.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra yesterday ahead of a crusade and prayer rally in Accra, Dr Tetteh attributed the low lifestyles and the infiltration of “foreign” culture and influence in the Ga State today to low levels of education.

“I am of the view that most of us that God has blessed in various ways and are indigenes of various Ga communities must endeavour to take up the challenge and responsibility to support our brothers who are less privileged in education, welfare and development that will boost our people’s way of life,” the international evangelist who is a Ga, said.   


The three-day non-denominational crusade and prayer rally, which starts today, is taking place at James Town, and is expected to end on Friday, September 15, 2023.

It is aimed at collaborating with all churches within the Odododiodio area to create a strong united front to garner unity, peaceful co-existence and bring hope to the deprived and less privileged in Ga communities.  

Dr Tetteh stated that the current situation of the impact of low education was evident in the fact that nobody from the State had ascended the highest national position, the Presidency, in all the years of democracy.

“Does it mean that the Gas are not qualified? No.

It is because we have relegated education to the background.

We have also forgotten one aspect that makes the nation great, that is godliness,” he said.

“So I am calling on all stakeholders to help promote education.

When we educate our youth, our future, they would become responsible citizens and builders of the Ga State.

 “I am also calling on every stakeholder to remember that, if you don’t help build Ga communities together, posterity will judge all of us,” Dr Tetteh appealed with passion.


Dr Tetteh said apart from the low levels of education, there was also a low level of spirituality as the religious leadership had done little to help people build up their spiritual faith and give them hope.

“And in the midst of all these, our religious leadership is not doing enough on the lack of spirituality.

Our faith is diminished, and the community is being led astray with all kinds of immoral and demonic infiltration by our lack of godliness.

We are becoming more materialistic and political instead of being spiritual.

“Our families are under threat, our values and ethics as a people are being eroded, our marriages are challenged, our medics and scientists are confounded.

 “Our youth are being led astray by alien and foreign infiltration and influences, our professional bodies are not operating at their full capacity and everywhere is full of uncertainty,” he stated.


However, the international evangelist said the gloomy situation was not a hopeless one and called on all stakeholders, including indigenes of the state who had been blessed in diverse ways by God to unite to help enhance education and godliness in the Ga State.


He quoted 2 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14, from the scriptures which says: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land,” and said there was the need for true repentance, unity and support for one another to begin the healing and development at the individual, group and community levels which would then impact the state as a whole.


Dr Tetteh, famed for his ‘This nonsense must stop,’ annual prayer festival, was of the belief that an intense prayer and divine intervention was the way forward, adding that “Certainly, Christ is the answer”.

He said religious leaders had a collective responsibility to change the narrative in various deprived communities in a massive, united front through education, hard work, discipline and divine intervention.

“To arrest this situation, we must rise up and pray.


Our nation will not be saved by politics or economic structure.

Only God can save us,” he emphasised.

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