AFAG bares teeth at government: Abrogate towing contract in 14 days or…

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), has served government a 14-day ultimatum to abrogate the compulsory towing levy contract with Road Safety Management Services Limited (RSMSL) or face its wrath.

The group deems the monopoly contract “inhumane” to motorists and want the government to “rather enforce the relevant laws that govern road and vehicle usage so as to reduce the accidents on our roads.”

AFAG also wants the government to open the towing services space up to other competitors and allow insurance companies to play a key role while motorists are allowed the freedom to choose from preferred insurance companies.

In a resolution it passed after deliberating the newly imposed controversial levy, AFAG counseled that district assemblies be allowed to manage towing services in collaboration with registered towing companies to give the operation a nationwide representation rather than one company that can hardly cover the entire country.

“AFAG urges the government to abort the contract within 14 days. Thereafter we would take all the necessary actions to bring home our message,” the resolution warned.

Many have kicked against the controversial levy, with the Progressive People’s Party calling for an outright boycott because it is a “lackadaisical attitude towards solving problems in this country.” 

The Roads and Transport Committee of Parliament approved the controversial levy to begin September 1, 2017, however it is facing rising opposition just as it did when it was first introduced for approval by Parliament before it was withdrawn and later re-introduced.

Some transport companies have already indicated they will resist its implementation.