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Is your relationship serious or ‘you can explain’?

Is your relationship serious or ‘you can explain’?

People get into relationships for all kinds of reasons such as fun, business and social recognition. It is also a fact that many do not realise that relationship works on the principle of  ‘GIGO’ (garbage in garbage out) and that you get out of your relationship exactly what you put in.


Later, they see their relationship as wasted years because they never committed themselves to growing a serious relationship.

A serious relationship exists between people in love who imagine a shared future. This means partners imagine they will be together someday in marriage. For some, a serious relationship is when partners have met each other’s family and have considered the possibility of starting a family. 
Some signs you are in serious relationship
You obsess less:  People who had recently fallen in love reported thinking about their partners over 85 per cent of the day, according to a 2016 study linking romance and substance abuse. Daydreaming about your partner in the early months of your relationship can certainly feel like an addiction, but the addiction will naturally pass when you leave that puppy love stage and enter a more serious stage of the relationship.

You won't need to worry whether your partner has seen your text or missed call, because you'll feel assured that he or she is committed to you and will eventually respond.
You reach out to one another equally:  Reciprocity of gestures — whether visiting or helping out in business venture is indicative of equality of interest in your relationship.

 If you notice that you are always the one reaching out to your partner, that can mean that your partner is less invested in your relationship, which implies that your relationship might not be as serious as you thought.

You are less interested in other possible partners: When you start seeing someone with whom you imagine a future, your interest in other potential mates can diminish. When you lose your desire to chase after other people, it just shows that you’re devoted to making your partnership work.  

You’ve met your partner’s friends, and they’ve met yours:  Meeting your partner’s family has always seemed like a huge deal, but with the changing mores of the dating world has come a shift in who is most important to impress. Now, getting approval from trusted friends is hugely important to the dating process.

 You talk about anything: At first, when you are dating someone, it can be difficult to have real conversations.  This fear of being the more vulnerable member of the relationship can prevent individuals from discussing things such as their hopes, dreams, financial situation, problems, parental relationships, past sexual relationships or feelings. Luckily, when you are in a committed relationship, fear of discussing things that are important to you will slip away.

You feel comfortable around your lover: There are easy ways to tell if you feel comfortable around your partner. When you are hanging out with him or her what do you wear? If you’re spending more time than usual putting on a full face of makeup or dressing to impress, it shows that you are not entirely sure their feelings for you aren’t physically sourced. Once you’re brave enough to invite them over when you’re in your T-shirt and boxer shorts, then you will know that you really feel comfortable around your lover. 

You hope your partner succeeds: In a serious relationship, one partner’s success should translate to joy for both. Although it can be hard to avoid jealousy if it seems like your partner is moving forward while you are remaining stagnant, you’ll know you are in a serious relationship when you hope that your partner succeeds is just as powerful as your own desire for success.

You know they’ll be there tomorrow: You talk about your roadmap to marriage: You talk about all areas of courtship and marriage including physical qualities such as health, finance, academic qualification, favourite food and family backgrounds. 

You talk about mental qualities such as temperaments and neurotic traits.  You talk about ethical qualities such as commitment honesty and loyalty. Your words and actions draw to a future together.
                                                   Are you in a serious relationship?
Take a close look at your relationship. If you are in a serious relationship you know it; being with your lover feels like coming home. You open up about your fears and you are comfortable being vulnerable with your lover because you trust each other and accept each other as you are. 

You make your relationship topmost priority, make time for each other and start your conversations with ‘we’ and ‘us’. You have great plans for your marriage and honestly work at them.

You compromise and resolve issues. You support each other on good and bad days and freely express your thoughts with respect. If you are serious you want to be part of someone’s life for life and you make all the sacrifices to be in it. Take your relationship seriously. You will be happier than you have ever been.

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