Peg a Suspender

Author: Hadiza Nuhu Billa
Peg a Suspender

Hold on! The fact is, suspenders are often thought of as accessories worn by older men. However, now the young guys and sometimes ladies who want to look stylish avoid the use of belts and rather peg suspenders from their trouser across their shirts.

Though suspenders are worn for formal functions, these days, the younger generation rock them even when they want to look smart casual for events. 

Besides, unlike in the past when suspenders came in colours like brown, black, white and navy blue, this time you can grab a suspender of any hot, bright or nude colour.

Although it is believed that the French were the first to create suspenders when they attached strips of ribbon to the buttonholes of their trousers, fashion experts say suspenders originated over 300 years ago. 

Albert Thurston is credited for having introduced the first modern suspenders in 1822. 

For those who do not have an idea of what suspenders are, they are simply fabric worn over your shoulders to help hold your trouser up from the front and the back. 

The British however, call all suspenders braces but according to some American companies, braces usually refer to the leather or cloth strips with button ends that attach to trousers/pants.

If you are thinking of adding suspenders to your collections, then you must know the various types. 

We have the Dress to Clip suspenders. These types of suspenders come with metal clips as attachments. 

They are generally considered less classy but are more convenient in case you want to team it up with pants that do not have button holes.

Black Tie Suspenders which are worn for formal black tie events, then Work Suspenders which are also durable and made to withstand anything that comes their way. 

They are designed to provide flexibility of movement and are generally worn with denims (jeans/khaki trousers). 

You can also opt for Undergarment suspenders which are made from very soft fabrics. Their prime objective is not style but comfort. 

They are designed to offer support and are worn below your undershirt. 

They are invisible and usually available in shades similar to those of skin tones.

One thing you must know is that it is a fashion mistake to wear both suspenders and a belt. Suspender wearers should also wear them with the proper trousers, that is, ones with no belt loops.