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Fashion tips for the hour glass body shape woman

Author: Mrs.Emma Addo-Owusu
Skirts which emphasize your waist line are the best for you.
Skirts which emphasize your waist line are the best for you.

This body shape is seen as the ideal shape because both the bust and hips are proportional with a well-defined waist. Put simply, It means that your bust, shoulders and hips are balanced and in line with one another. You will have a small waist measuring between 8” and 10” smaller than your bust and hips measurements. You are blessed with a lovely figure and can wear most styles of clothes. Almost all types of clothing will give you a symmetrical look hence enhancing your overall physical image.

We will be analyzing clothing issues relating to those with the HOUR GLASS body and identifying what type of clothes will flatter this particular figure.

the hour glass shaped body – types of clothing style to work with

Most hour glass shaped women can get away with wearing almost anything. You have a very well balanced body because the upper and lower parts of your body are about the same width, with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and bust. Let’s take a look at dressing your body type in Trousers, Skirts, Tops and Dresses.  

We want to find out what type of clothing will accentuate and not hide your body type

trousers and jeans

• Since you have a super defined waist it’s better to opt for trouser that flare out slightly at the hems to emphasize your small waist.  

• Bootleg cut jeans, palazzo cut trousers will enhance your small waist

• You can get away with wearing skinny jeans since your body is more balanced in overall appearance.

• Try and avoid wearing baggy trousers or jeans as these only serve to hide your figure and end up making you look bigger.

• If you have bigger thighs, aim for dark colored materials as these give you a slimming effect.


Simple tops are useful in highlighting your great figure. 

• It best to go for V neck tops as these will make your upper body look feminine and accentuate your curves.

• Detailed tops will draw attention away from your slim waist so avoid these.

• Stiff and bulky textured materials and colors will create additional weight and will hide your figure.

• Tops with belts and wrap tops will accentuate your slim waistline.


Skirts which emphasize your waist line are the best for you.  

• Pencil skirts look great you because they hug in your shape and emphasize your slim waist. So go for these.  

• Skirts which fall just below your knees emphasize your curves.

• Belted A-line skirts will also look good on your figure.  


Full frame clothing especially dresses is good for your body shape.  

• You need to avoid dresses that are baggy because the hide you figure

• Fully fitted dresses with a tailored waist will emphasize your full figure and slim waist.

• Avoid high necklines dresses which will give you a busty look especially if you have a full bosom.  Rather opt for low or medium necklines.

• Fitted strapless dresses will suit you because you have a proportionate body.


Belts work well with your figure so use more of these. They are useful in accentuating your slim waist. Round pointed shoes are also a good choice.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed and fun filled weekend.



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