SA police 'confirm Grace Mugabe arrest warrant'

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

South Africa's police spokesman has confirmed that an arrest warrant has been issued for Zimbabwe's former first lady Grace Mugabe for alleged assault, Reuters news agency reports.

I can confirm that a warrant for the arrest of Grace Mugabe was issued last Thursday." from Police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo

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Police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo
Mr Naidoo said the police was seeking Interpol's help to enforce the warrant, Reuters reports.

The moves comes after a court annulled Mrs Mugabe's diplomatic immunity in July.

South Africa's government caused outrage for letting Mrs Mugabe leave the country after the alleged assault of a model in a hotel room where her two sons lived in Johannesburg.

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It is unclear whether South Africa will push for Mrs Mugabe's extradition.

The alleged assault took place about three months before Robert Mugabe was ousted from power.

The former president's family owns properties in South Africa.

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