Ugandan MP fined for urinating in public

Ugandan MP fined for peeing in public place
Ugandan MP fined for peeing in public place

A Ugandan MP has been fined by a court in the capital, Kampala, for causing a public nuisance by urinating in public after pictures of the incident were widely shared on social media, the New Vision news site reports.

Abraham Abiriga was given a fine of 40,000 Ugandan shillings ( $10, £5) for the 25 September incident near the gate of the ministry of finance.

He was prosecuted under a city ordinance which says that if any person is found guilty of "easing in the city" or committing a "public nuisance" will be fined 40,000 shillings or will be imprisoned for two months or will receive both punishments.

Mr Abiriga was later confronted by a journalist about the incident.

He defended himself, saying: "Can I keep on keeping urine in me".

Watch his full interview below: