Sale of fuel in plastic containers on table tops
Sale of fuel in plastic containers on table tops

Please let the laws work!

A phenomenon seems to be taking root in the country, which is potentially disastrous.


It is the growing number of ‘table top petrol filling stations’ springing up in several parts of the country, with the potential of causing havoc to the dealers, those who patronise them and citizens.

In situations such as these, policymakers in the country only act when there is a disaster.

In the first place, are we considering the storage of these products?

I mean the warehouse where the main products are kept before they are dispensed into smaller gallons for sale on table tops?

These storage facilities pose a danger to citizens living in close proximity to those depots.

To those patronising these ‘table top fuel stations’, are they aware of adulteration and contamination of such products, including the damage it could cause to their engines?

With the proliferation of standard filling stations everywhere in the country these days, do we need such hazardous sale points?

What are the regulatory authorities doing about it?

Do we not have regulations on the licensing of fuel filling stations?

Authorities must ensure the enforcement of the laws. Let the laws work please!

Mark Logo,  

Asst. Comm (rtd),
Customs Division, Ghana Revenue Authority.

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