Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare
Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare

IGP commended for swift action against armed robbery in Ketu North

In an open letter addressed to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, Mr. Evans Mawunyo Tsikata, a resident of Ketu North, expressed profound gratitude for the IGP's prompt response and dedication in combating armed robbery in and around the Ketu North Municipality.

The letter commended the IGP for his swift action following the concerns raised about the surge in armed robberies in the area. Mr. Tsikata highlighted the IGP's timely acknowledgement of the issue and the subsequent call made to the Ketu North Municipality on November 23, 2023. 

During the call, the IGP expressed sympathy to the victims and pledged to hold those responsible accountable.

The letter also appreciated the IGP's directive for DCOP Mr. Andrews Boadu-Ekumah, the regional commander, to visit Ketu North personally. The prompt visit by the regional commander was noted as exceeding expectations and showcased the commitment of the police force to address security concerns.

Acknowledging the increased police presence and patrols in the affected areas, Mr. Tsikata emphasized the positive impact on the community's sense of safety. The collaborative efforts with other stakeholders and local communities were recognized as a unified front in the fight against crime.

Mr. Tsikata expressed gratitude for the proactive measures taken by the police, including the formation of task forces, intelligence gathering, and recent arrests. These actions, along with community engagement initiatives such as town hall gatherings and instructional programs, were hailed as contributing to the return of peace and quiet in the neighbourhood.

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In conclusion, Mr. Tsikata thanked the IGP for his unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and the dedication of the entire police team. The letter expressed confidence in the leadership of the police force, assuring the community of a safer environment under the IGP's guidance.

Read the entire letter below;


Inspector General of Police

Police Headquarters


Dear IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare,


I hope you are well and in a good mood when you receive this message. I'm writing to thank you so much for responding to my worries about the growing number of armed robberies in our area so quickly. The timely acknowledgment and action you took on this situation shocked me.

The Ketu North issue of robberies that is requesting your attention was posted on Myjoyonline on November 22, 2023, at exactly 8:28 p.m. On November 23, 2023, at about 8:54 am, you made a call to the Ketu North Municipality. You spoke to a few of our brothers who had been the victims of recent robberies in the municipality to express sympathy and to promise to hold those responsible accountable.

Additionally, you requested that DCOP Mr. Andrews Boadu-Ekuamah, your regional commander, pay a personal visit to Ketu North. The purpose of the visit is to assess Ketu North's security conditions. We were really surprised when the Regional Commander showed up sooner than expected, perhaps as a result of his commitment to the position. It is amazing how dedicated you are to making sure that individuals like me are safe and secure. By taking immediate action to solve this pressing matter, you have demonstrated your commitment to safeguarding the well-being of Ghanaians. We feel comfortable that our concerns are being taken seriously by your prompt responsiveness to the situation, and I think this will have a long-lasting effect on our community.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for the work your department has taken to enhance security and lower the number of armed robberies. The increased police presence and patrols in the affected areas have made the locals feel relieved and safer. Your collaborative efforts with other stakeholders and the local communities will reflect your commitment to creating a unified front in the fight against crime.

The actions taken by your task forces, the proactive measures taken to get intelligence, and the arrests that were made yesterday are all positive developments. As a result, yesterday was really exciting for the inhabitants of Dzodze. It demonstrates your aptitude for strategic leadership and your resolve to put creative solutions into practice in the face of this frightening obstacle. It's clear that your prompt response is having an impact and will contribute to the neighbourhood's return to peace and quiet.

Also, it is encouraging to keep up your improved community engagement initiatives led by your department. Building trust and promoting a shared responsibility for safety are two benefits of establishing positive connections between the police and the public. The town hall gatherings and instructional programmes provide concrete proof of your proactive approach to neighbourhood-focused law enforcement. I want to thank you once more from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to solving the armed robbery problems that have affected our neighbourhood. We now have more faith in our Police Service's capabilities because of your quick response, commitment, and aggressive actions. Knowing that we have a leader like you leading our law enforcement and putting forth endless effort to serve and protect the public is comforting.
Finally, I want to thank your entire team for the great work you do every day, as well as for your individual attention to this problem. We live in a lucky community to have so caring, committed, and capable people watching out for one other.

Thank you once again for your unwavering commitment and for your tireless efforts to ensure our safety. I wish you continued success in your crucial role.

With highest regards,

[Evans Mawunyo Tsikata]


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