Kristalina Georgieva — IMF boss
Kristalina Georgieva — IMF boss

Senyo Hosi writes: IMF comes to town today

Please note, they are not the devils and cause of our woes. Our Government is responsible and that does not include the BoG. It's primarily a fiscal issue.

IMF won't be telling us what we don't know. They will be leveraging their influence to compel us to do what we know we should have done and have to do.

We are where we are because of our political recklessness on issues of the economy and not Covid or Russia-Ukraine.

Our recurring IMF trips tell us this: our governance frame yields political leaders who are unable to do what is right, efficient and responsible even when they know what is right. It yields persons who shape up to PR stunts filled with untruths, financial malpractices and sub-optimal governance just to sustain personal interests and footsoldier fleeces.

Go to IMF today and keep the politics and political frame as-is and be sure we will be back there in another 5 or 6 years.

I commend government for setting aside its political pride to give our economy a chance to survive. I urge government officials to take responsibility for today's situation and admit the shortfalls.

I appeal to all politicians to commit to restructuring the governance frame to deliver a better future for all. Anything short of this may be destructive to the 'People's' confidence in democracy.


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