Abuti-Agove marks Asafutofiam

BY: Tim Dzamboe
Togbe Abutia Kodzo Gidi V, paramount chief of Abutia
Togbe Abutia Kodzo Gidi V, paramount chief of Abutia

The people of Abutia- Agove in the Ho-West district of the Volta region have celebrated their Asafotu Carnival with performances by all Asafo companies drawn from the three divisions of the Abutia traditional area—Kloe, Agove and Teti.

The festival was resplendent with rich traditional regalia and was set agog by the youth who largely made up the Asafo groups with main attraction being musketry by youth warriors.

They held processions in all the three towns of Abutia and later converged at Agove for a durbar.

Women were not left out as they fed patrons to traditional dance known as “Gbolokaye”, all linked to the migration of their forfathers from Notsie some centuries ago.

The chairman of Abutia Development Union (ADU), Mr Kofi Senyo Atsemdey said the valour of their great grandfathers made them to conquer vast lands.

“ It is therefore a challenge for the youth of today to translate this valour into education because with good education, they could continue with the crusade of their grandfathers to conquer the world.”

He advised the youth to desist from deviant behaviour and anti-social activities since they were detrimental to their lives.

In an address, the Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa commended the people for the festival to attract citizens back home.

He announced that the government has identified four potential areas in the Abutia traditional area for the implementation of its interventions.

He said they were agro-industry and that large scale cassava will be cultivated in the area to feed an alcohol manufacturing industry under the one district one factory programme.

“ Also, the tourism industry will also be improved through the promotion of attractions in the Kalakpa forest reserve”, he said.

Dr Letsa said there were two options for the provision of potable water to the people either through an extension from the Kpeve headworks or boreholes to be mechanised into overhead tanks for the people.

The paramount chief of Abutia traditional area, Togbega Abutia Kodzo Gidi V appealed to citizens to use the platform set by the festival to attract more citizens and friends back home to enable them to mobilise enough resources for development.

“ Using the festival as a mere entertainment was counterproductive in view of the enormous challenges confronting the people in the area especially on water supply”, he added. 

Togbega Abutia renewed the appeal to the government to ensure that the ongoing road project from Sokode through Abutia to Juapong was completed on time to open up the area to make it accessible for business and human activities.