We have a lot in common—Adjetey Anang’s wife

BY: By Jayne Buckman-Owoo & Kofi Duah

THERE is something about celebrity marriages. It seems most celebs have issues with their marriages with some even falling on rocks.

Others have, however, stood the test of time and one of such is the union between actor Adjetey Anang (Pusher) and his beautiful wife, Elom Anang, because they have shared interests.

On March 10 this year, the couple marked their 15th wedding anniversary. Graphic Showbiz caught up with Elom recently and she was more than willing to share with us the secret to their successful marriage.

What most people don’t know is that Elom has done some acting both on stage and on the screens. She has featured in popular TV series Things We Do For Love too.

“We have common interests, we have a lot in common and that keeps our relationship alive. We have shared passion and chat about anything and everything we share in common so there is no dull moment.

Elom and Adjetey Anang

“When you have shared passion, things are a lot easier because nobody is going to ask you why you are returning from location at 4 a.m. or why you do what you do. Praye Tietia and his wife, Selley Ghalley, have shared passion; they are both in showbiz so it makes it a lot easier.

“Okyeame Kwame’s wife Annica is not really a showbiz person but she understands the terrain and that makes it easier for them to get along. If there are no shared interests it becomes a bit difficult as there is often lots of misunderstanding between the couple.

Asked her how it feels like to be married to a celebrity, Elom said “I think it feels like a normal marriage most of the time, we were friends first before we got into a relationship and then decided to get married.

“Sometimes, when we go out and the media are all over him, we can’t have our privacy and this used to bother me, especially in our first year. It is actually a roller-coaster, imagine you have had a bad day and you go out and people expect you to be nice.

“There is a lot of pressure on him with people calling to say they want him to mentor them, others asking for favours such as paying their children’s school fees when he has his own responsibilities.

“But as the years go by and we grow, we have been able to find the balance, it is a learning process. We have come a long way and certain things don’t bother me anymore like when the ladies are all over him wanting to take pictures with him when we go out. I am not bothered anymore.

According to Elom, in the early years, she found it difficult to understand the way he acted around people.

“In the early years, I didn’t understand the way he acted around people and I kept saying to myself, this is the kind of attention I want but now I know he can give people all the attention with no strings attached,” she stated.

Elom had a word of two for people married to celebrities, “Be supportive of your partner in whatever they do because they really need your support. As the saying goes it takes two to tango and they can’t do it all by themselves so be there for them.”