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EDITOR'S LENS: Road crash menace; Time to act now
Musician Wendy Shay was involved in a car crash last year

EDITOR'S LENS: Road crash menace; Time to act now

GHANA has witnessed a tragic surge in road crashes, claiming lives at an alarming rate. From ordinary citizens to prominent creatives, no one seems immune to this recurring tragedy.


The loss of valuable talents such as Terry Bonchaka, Suzzy Williams and Ebony Reigns has not only robbed Ghana of their potential contributions to the creative industry but has also left a void in the hearts of Ghanaians who fell in love with their creativity.

The latest statistics from the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) revealed that 2,276 persons were killed in 14,135 reported road crashes involving 23,998 vehicles in 2023.

As at February this year, 174 deaths from road crashes had been recorded. Just in the past week alone, over 21 lives were lost and countless others left injured.

This cannot be dismissed as mere happening; it demands immediate attention and decisive measures.

The causes of these crashes are varied but are often rooted in issues such as reckless driving and inadequate road infrastructure. It is a multifaceted problem that requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders. 

The government, in particular, must take the lead in addressing these issues. Improved road safety measures and more strict enforcement of traffic laws are essential steps in the right direction.

However, the responsibility does not rest solely on the government's shoulders. The creative community, too, has a role to play. Prominent figures such as Wendy Shay and Kuami Eugene, who have narrowly escaped such tragedies recently, can lend their voices to raise awareness and champion campaigns for road safety.

Graphic Showbiz stands firm in its belief that now is the time for action. We cannot afford not to take relevant measures as lives are needlessly lost on our roads. We owe it to ourselves as citizens of Ghana, to come together and address this crisis head-on.

Let us not wait for more lives to be lost before we take action. The time to act is now. We owe it to ourselves, to future generations, and to the memory of those we have lost to make our roads safer for all.

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