The Apostle General, Mama Rita at 30 in marriage

BY: The Mirror
Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah and his wife, Mama Rita
Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah and his wife, Mama Rita

“Love and fate have a place of connection. It is at such places that the destined union of a couple begins and the joy of a life to be lived together begins.

“Ours started in quite an  unusual way. After  my  sixth form education, while waiting  to  enter  the  university,  I spent  most  of  my  time  holding  revival  meetings  in various  secondary  schools  in  Ghana.

“One of these evangelistic missions led me to Zion  College  (ZICO) in the Volta Region where I met my  wife,  then  Rita  Marian  Akua Ntiriwa Owusu,  for  the  very  first  time. She had responded to an altar call to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour. 

“In God’s perfect will, while drawing her close to Himself, He was also bringing her to me for the sake of the assignment that was ahead of us. 

“At that time, ZICO had neither electricity nor pipe-borne water. The students used kerosene lamps to study at night and drank  from  wells  which  were  not  hygienic  due  to the  presence  of  frogs  and  lizards. 

“The  social  services  and  academic environment  of ZICO  were   sharply  different  from those  at the St  Mary’s Secondary School in Accra where she schooled initially.

 “The need to better her grades brought her into these conditions. While it seemed totally meaningless, God meant it for something which would last a lifetime. Right from the time of her conversion until now, she has remained a pivot in my life and ministry.

“On  the  last  day  of  the  crusade, I met with  the  new converts  and invited  those  who  lived  in  Accra to fellowship with Lovers of Christ Evangelistic Ministry (the ministry I had started with the sole purpose of holding revival meetings in towns and villages). 

“She joined the ministry and we forged a strong friendship through the many difficulties that came our way. Sometimes, her family did not allow her to join our crusades and work for God but her resilience and convictions led her to ‘rebel’ so that she could fulfill the mandate of winning souls. 

“I loved her more with each passing day, carefully and patiently waiting on God during which time dreams and prophecies came to confirm that she was to be my wife.

“When I proposed to her, I was struggling with poverty. My house was a wooden structure. However, I was a determined young man who believed that my future was secured in Christ. She also believed in me and was ready to build everything with me from nothing. She proved this by rejecting every counsel to abandon me.

“When we finally decided to tie the knot, I did not even have a penny to my name. Our traditional marriage ceremony was a ridicule. 

“I could not even buy a piece of cloth for her. Everyone laughed at her and called her names. I was happy to know I finally had the love of my life but filled with deep sadness because I could not meet the usual expectations at the time. Her parents had to re-mould their wedding rings for us to use. 

“They also gave us a room in their residence at Chorkor as I did not have decent accommodation. Life was hard for us and we endured many trying moments. 

“With her, God blessed the ministry I had. Gradually, we started building a home for ourselves. From Chorkor, we moved to Korle Gonno, then to Odorkor then to Sakaman. 

“When I returned from Holland in 1991, she had sustained the ministry and kept our children safe.

God blessed our home with joy and peace.

“We enjoyed the sweetest fellowships each day with songs of worship and prayers. We assured and reassured each other constantly and encouraged ourselves that everything would be glorious in the end. I had made hefty promises to her in our courtship days and God ensured that I prospered in order to fulfill them.

“Today, we have been blessed with a strong ministry, a prosperous home and a blessed life both in marriage and in ministry. 

“Every one of the promises made have been fulfilled. There is no lack. I remember years ago, I went back to her family house and presented 10 times more than what was demanded for her hand in marriage. We have been faithful to each other and kept our solemn vows.

“Today, we celebrate 30 years of God’s goodness. As we reflect on where He took us from and where we are now, we can only praise Him. We are blessed with four wonderful children, one adopted daughter and four grandchildren, all of whom are happily serving our God and successful in their lives. Our home is the most peaceful place in the world. Our exploits are unending. 

“Mama Rita, the union with you has been the best gift God has given me. I would choose you over and again. 

“Thank you for 30 years of faithfulness, love and companionship. Thank you for 30 years of partnership in ministry and 30 years of being the best wife and mother ever.

“Many women do noble things but you surpass them all.” Prov.31:29 (NIV)

“Rita, I love you madly, deeply, truly. And I know you also do. You told me this, just yesterday!”