My job has cost me pals

BY: Kofi Duah
• Anita Erskine

If there is one thing which TV and radio presenter, Anita Erskine could change in her life, it would be honouring invitations from friends to their special events.

Although Anita, who hosts The One Show on Viasat 1 hates disappointments, she has in recent times disappointed some very good friends due to her tight schedule and as a result lost great friends who do not want to have anything to do with her again.

“My friends and I mean very good friends. People I grew up with have sometimes asked me to be the Emcee at their weddings, book readings and other special ocassions but I am unable to make it even though I had promised to be there,” she told Showbiz in an interview.

“I could not make it because work came along and I could not ignore that. As a result, I have received very bad text messages from friends who just did not want to know anymore. I have lost a lot of very good friends and attempts to make it up to them has proved futile.

“I lost a friend recently because I had promised to be the emcee at her programme. Unfortunately, on the said day, I could not make it because I was in a meeting and my friend has completely cut me off. I called to beg her, sent text messages, then later asked another friend to talk to her on my behalf, but she was so hurt and said she doesn’t want me as a friend anymore,” recounts Anita, who has been co-presenter on Drive Time With Bola Ray on Starr FM for the past two months.

Recalling an instance which has been very heart breaking to her and keeps ‘haunting’ her was when a very close friend told her she never keeps her word.

“That statement really got to me. I still feel very bad about it because I am someone who likes to keep to my word. Sometimes, I wish my friends would understand. However, very few of my friends understand the kind of work I do but most of them go away because they feel so hurt I could not be there for them”.

Asked whether she has time for herself, Anita who aspires to be a media mogul in Ghana said she did not use to make time for herself until her supportive husband advised her to take time off her busy schedule to rest.

Talking about her experience on Starr FM , Anita said two months on air has been great with fantastic criticism.
According to her, most of the comments she gets is she talks too much which she thinks is false. To Anita explaining issues does not make her a talkative.

“It would be wrong for anyone to say I am a talkative because I like to explain issues to the best of everyone’s understanding. I know I am not a talkative so I am really bothered.” She explained.

Before joining Starr FM, the mother of two said she had to make a tough decision because she had a lot of good offers elsewhere.
“I made a wise choice joining Starr FM because I believe the company has a great future. Although I am still leaning, very soon Anita will take over the airwaves very soon”