Starr Luxury Cars to boost Ghana’s tourism industry
• Ikenna Ordor — Founder and CEO of Starr Luxury Cars

Starr Luxury Cars to boost Ghana’s tourism industry

Starr Luxury Cars, a fast-growing global car rental provider, has expanded its reach into Ghana as part of its spread across Africa. 

The move underscores the company's bold growth strategy and dedication to meeting the discerning needs of the continent's clientele while helping to add more value and appeal to Ghana’s fledgling tourism industry.

A release issued in Accra said: “This development aligns seamlessly with Ghana's Year of Return initiative, attracting a wave of tourists eager to experience luxury car rentals amidst the nation's rich cultural tapestry and scenic beauty.”

Tourism growth

Ghana's tourism sector is currently witnessing unprecedented growth, with an expected surge in arrivals to 1.5 million by 2023. This upswing in tourism has fuelled an increased demand for luxury car rentals as visitors seek to explore Ghana's vibrant cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes in comfort and style. 

The release said: “Starr Luxury Cars, known for its outstanding customer service and an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles, is strategically positioned to meet this growing demand.”

Founder and CEO of Starr Luxury Cars, Ikenna Ordor, expressed enthusiasm about the company's foray into the Ghanaian market. 

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"Ghana's flourishing tourism sector and the rising demand for luxury car rentals present an exciting opportunity for Starr Luxury Cars," he stated, adding that "We are committed to providing our Ghanaian customers with an unparalleled luxury car rental experience—one that exceeds their expectations and leaves them wanting more."

In a bid to elevate the luxury car rental experience further, he said Starr Luxury Cars has recently launched the Sirius Luxury Car Club. This exclusive club grants members access to a curated collection of supercars, invitations to exclusive events and a host of other privileges.

"The Sirius Luxury Car Club is a testament to our commitment to providing customers with the ultimate luxury car rental experience," Mr Ordor said. "We are continually innovating and exploring new ways to enhance our services, ensuring our customers feel truly pampered and appreciated."

The release said Starr Luxury Cars boasts a fleet that includes some of the world's most coveted luxury brands, such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Lamborghini, ensuring customers have access to the finest vehicles in the automotive industry. 

It said the company also provided a personalised service, with dedicated staff members ready to assist customers with every aspect of their rental experience, from selecting the perfect vehicle to planning their itinerary.

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