Tamale Girls SHS
Tamale Girls SHS

The making of Tamale Girls SHS (Pag’ Na)

It has been said, and I believe same to be true that “a nation that does not recognise its heroes and heroines is not worth dying for, or is it worth partaking in its development”.


It is in this spirit that I would like to commend Dr Alhassan Musah for his brilliant article published in the Thursday, May 9, 2024 issue of the Daily Graphic on page 40. The writer was the Secretary to the Working Committee that established the above school that started as a private school.

He was also the Financial Controller of the headline NGO, RAINS, that coordinated stakeholders support for the noble project of Tamale Girls’ SHS, first of its kind the Northern Region.

The article rightly recognised and appreciated institutions and individuals for their various and varying contributions towards the establishment of this great school. But curiously as I read it, I was anticipating the mentioning of the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) somewhere in the article.

I was disappointed. Perhaps it was an omission. I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to fill that void in that wonderful piece.

Since the school’s adoption by Government/GES in 2003, GETFund footprints are well engraved in this thriving school. For the records let me list some completed and ongoing projects with the funding from GETFund in the school.

• Construction of a dining hall, completed and in use.
● Construction of a fence wall, completed and in use.
• Constructions of two separate six-unit classroom blocks, completed and in use.
• Construction of a 400 capacity dormitory block, completed and in use. 
• Construction of a 3-Storey 6-unit staff accommodation, completed and in use. 
•  Construction of Head’s Bungalow, ongoing at the roofing stage.     
• Construction of a 3-Storey dormitory block, completed and in use 
• Construction of a 2-Storey dormitory block, completed and in use
• Construction of a science laboratory, completed and in use
• Construction of administration block, completed and in use
• Construction of assembly hall, completed and in use 
• Construction of a 2-Storey 12 UCB ‘B’, completed and in use
•  GETFund had again sponsored the supply of three buses and a pick-up to the school

These are besides desks/furniture, and other teaching and learning materials the Fund has been sponsoring in supply to the school. From the above facts, certainly, the success story of the school would be incomplete without the acknowledgment of GETFund’s contributions to the school’s progress over the years.

I am most grateful for the space permitted for this contribution to the subject matter. 

Isaac Asiedu-Odei, 
Head, Public Relations Unit,

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