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TECH4ALL: Paving the Way for Digital Talent Development and Inclusion

Huawei's commitment to the digital future goes beyond technological innovation to include a commitment to developing the human capital required for the dynamic digital terrain. Chairman Liang Hua has emphasized the importance of people with the necessary skills and knowledge in the digital transformation process in his opening address at 3rd edition of the Corporate Sustainability Development (CSD) Forum held in Dongguan, China, on November 21, 2023.


Dr Hua said, laying the groundwork for Huawei's worldwide role in developing digital talent through its TECH4ALL programme, the company has set out on a quest to bridge the digital divide in partnership with partners such as UNESCO and Close the Gap. "Huawei is committed to helping countries cultivate digital talent and improve digital skills and literacy." Dr Hua stated adding that "People with the right skills and knowledge will be crucial throughout this process."

Through our TECH4ALL programme, we hope to achieve broader digital inclusion in collaboration with partners such as UNESCO and Close the Gap." This effort is about more than just providing connectivity; it's about ensuring that people have the skills and information they need to navigate the digital realm.

TECH4ALL's influence is not merely theoretical. Hua positively highlighted the program's accomplishments, adding, "As of the end of 2022, TECH4ALL had helped more than 220,000 people, including teachers and students from over 600 schools and also young people." Huawei's commitment to digital talent development is more than a vision; it is a practical endeavour to empower individuals and ensure they have the skills necessary to prosper in the digital age.

Further, the chairman expressed his hope that more people and organisations will join the TECH4ALL effort to encourage a more global equitable digital talent development. The Chairman's call to action is more than just a request to engage; it acknowledges that digital inclusion necessitates a collaborative effort, with each member playing an important role. 

The chairman's address also touched on Global Economic Stability and Sustainable Development, Computing Infrastructure and AI Integration, Rural Development through Digital Technology and Connectivity and Digital Inclusion. 

On Global Economic stability, Dr Hua shared a vision stating, "Faster rollout of computing infrastructure will help speed up digital transition in many industries and promote deeper integration of the digital and real economies," Hua said, highlighting the major impact on the world's economic stability and sustainable development. 

On computing infrastructure and artificial intelligence integration, the chairman painted a picture of a future where computing power growth isn't just a tech metric but a driving force behind digital economy sharing that , "One point of growth in the computing index translates to a 3.5% rise in the size of the digital economy and a 1.8 percent growth in national GDP". 

To conclude, Dr Liang Hua shared, "digital technology is reshaping the world, the economy, and the very nature of productivity. Huawei is committed to working closely with its global partners to promote shared success. We will keep innovating to thrive together with technology while realizing sustainable development. Together, we can drive greater digital inclusion and build a fully connected, intelligent world"

About Huawei 2023 Sustainability Forum

The Huawei 2023 Sustainability Forum was hosted by Huawei and aimed at highlighting innovative global sustainable development projects, that leverage digital applications for sustainability in remote locations. The forum, organized in collaboration with international organizations such as ITU, governments, think tanks, and industry stakeholders, showcased Huawei's advanced technologies and their contributions to the environment and business world. This year's event is the 3rd edition of the Corporate Sustainability Development (CSD) Forum held in Dongguan, China, on November 21, 2023. 

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