Kudos to Golden Movie Awards but…

By: Arnold Asamoah - Baidoo
Mimi Andani Michaels, Director for NMJ Ghana
Mimi Andani Michaels, Director for NMJ Ghana
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Over the weekend, the attention of most entertainment enthusiasts was fixated on one event, the Golden Movie Awards - and social media was awash with commentary on happenings on the awards night.

For now, the Golden Movie Awards is the only awards scheme in Ghana dedicated to the movie industry – with other awards collapsed and the other organisers not knowing what to do with their schemes.

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For a scheme that encompasses all African countries and being sustained for four years, NMJ Ghana, the organisers of the Golden Movie Awards deserves applause for its efforts.

Good Effort

It is a herculean task organising an awards scheme just for Ghana, so one can imagine what it takes to put together one for Ghanaians and the rest of Africa.

It takes some determination and perseverance to organise such a scheme which involves flying, housing and feeding a large number of people as well as days of preparation; from sittings of the Jury, all the way to the main awards night.

With limited support, NMJ Ghana deserves commendation on how they’ve been able to put together such a tasking event and what was witnessed at the Movenpick Hotel last weekend, in spite of all the howlers, was no mean feat!

The organisers need encouragement and that would come via massive support to help elevate it to meet international standards.

If the Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, has committed to host the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) for the next three years, it should be able to give support to NMJ Ghana, which has been promoting domestic tourism and selling Ghana for the past four years.


It’s always been a challenge for event organisers to adhere to advertised time of the start of such events, especially for awards shows that are heavily dependent on celebrities showing up on time for the red carpet and also the main event.

Just like the first edition of the GN Bank People’s Celebrity Awards and the 19th edition of the VGMAs, the Golden Movie Awards got its timing right, closing the event just after midnight.

With how the event looked disheveled at some point, it is impressive how the organisers were able to make the time – saving most viewers from the seeming boredom - but most importantly, closing quite early.


This commendation goes to the filmmakers and actors who turned up in their numbers to support the awards and thumbs up to NMJ for not selling tickets but issuing out invitations to stakeholders – the first time for any major awards scheme in Ghana, arguably.

Apart from the Ghanaian actors who turned up for the event, other nationals represented their respective countries well giving the scheme that African touch.

Without the support and presence of these celebrities, there would be no show but consistently, these actors, producers and directors have all exhibited love for the scheme and what transpired over the weekend cements the assertion that the Golden Movie Awards has come to stay.


Production for the event was not solid and for an event shaped for the entire African market, it was sub-standard.

At a point, it looked as though the event had no direction – giving room for anybody to say and do whatever they wanted, on live TV.

It was also evident that the awards presenters for the night were not properly prepped. The performance list seemed ill timed and ill-informed, obviously not fit for a grand stage as an international movie awards.

It was okay to jam, considering how excited patrons were to sounds from the DJ but for a moment, it looked like a high school jam, with all those cell phones out and how nauseating it was to see almost every female patron ‘snapping’ away.

For an international awards scheme, it is basic for the ushers to lead the presenters and respective winners back stage after receiving their award in order not to mar the fluidity and continuity of the event. But that was not evident at the Golden Movie Awards, where ushers, presenters and winners were all over the place.

Music Awards?

Some are still in shock over the audacious statement made by Director for NMJ Ghana that they are going to venture into music awards.

Madam, please relax, take your time!

The Golden Movie Awards, in spite of the great strides it has achieved in the last few years, is not there yet.

It has such fundamental challenges that ought to be fixed if they expect it to be counted as one of the best in Africa.

The ambition to create a music awards scheme is great but please learn to crawl and walk before you start to run.

Crawling at this stage of the Golden Movie Awards has not been easy and you are already talking about a music awards?

The admonition is simple; perfect the Golden Movie Awards; make it appealing to attract support and massive patronage.

Make it a household name, then you can now think about the possibility of organising a music awards.