God has answered my prayers - Kumi Guitar on NAM1’s return

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Kumi Guitar thanks God for answering his prayers about NAM1
Kumi Guitar
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LAST week, a glimmer of hope was offered customers of Menzgold when embattled Chief Executive, Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 arrived in Ghana after months of being in jail in Dubai, in an alleged fraud case.

Since his arrival, a lot of people are happy including his Zylofon Music signee, Kumi Guitar, who in all the months of his boss’ arrest and trial in Dubai stood by him and defended him.

In an interview with Showbiz on Tuesday, the Betweener artiste said NAM1’s arrival in Ghana last Thursday was an answer to his dedicated prayers to God.

“Indeed, God listens to our supplications and I know NAM 1’s arrival last week is an answer from God after months of heartfelt conversations with him in my closet. I was not happy when I learnt about the troubles of my boss in Dubai and was always worried about his wellbeing.

“I couldn’t just imagine anything happening to him in a distant country without his family so I earnestly prayed to God that whatever it was, the case should just be brought back to Ghana so that his family could show him the support that he deserved.

“Irrespective of what he was been accused of, it is the responsibility of the state to seek the welfare of its citizens outside the country. Lo and behold, he won the case in Dubai and just as I have been praying, he is back,” he said.

Kumi Guitar indicated that though he was happy about the latest development, his joy will be complete when customers of Menzgold are paid so his boss’ troubles will end.

“Everything was fine and then suddenly, everything started falling apart with the situation getting worse each day. But with his return, I know there are better days ahead and I can truly be happy if Menzgold customers are paid. That is what this whole saga is about and I sincerely pray that happens,” he said.

Last Monday, July 15, Kumi Guitar, whose real name is Nana Yaw Kumi, released a new song, Welcome, as his package to NAM1 on his return.

Kumi Guitar was the first artiste to be signed onto the Zylofon Music label, one of the many companies owned by NAM1 when he signed a five-year contract in 2017.

His association with the label undoubtedly boosted his career with his songs like Betweener earning him nominations in various award schemes but in the last year, the Break Into Two singer admitted that things have not been rosy.

Despite the challenges, Kumi Guitar disclosed that he would not leave the label even when approached with a better deal from another record label.

“Everyone has a way of handling crisis and I don’t run away but confront my challenges and that is what I intend to do, I’m going to face my worst fears and overcome them,” he said.

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