Political parties imperiling democracy they pledge to uphold, warns Adwoa Safo
Political parties imperiling democracy they pledge to uphold, warns Adwoa Safo

Political parties imperiling democracy they pledge to uphold, warns Adwoa Safo

In an address at the World Political Leaders Summit 2024 in Athens, Greece, the Member of Parliament for Dome-Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, delivered a stark warning about the threats posed by political parties to the very democracy they are supposed to champion.


Speaking on a panel alongside Ms. Gabriela Crețu, a Romanian Senate Member, and Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová, a Member of the European Parliament, Mrs. Safo highlighted how the relentless quest for power has turned politics into a cutthroat game where winning at any cost becomes the sole objective.

She lamented the detrimental effects of this power-driven mindset, noting that political parties often resort to unethical tactics such as smear campaigns and disinformation campaigns, which poison public discourse and sow seeds of distrust in democratic institutions.

Mrs. Safo emphasized that this erosion of trust widens the divide between political entities and citizens, fostering cynicism and disillusionment with democracy itself. She further noted that these actions have contributed significantly to the polarization of Ghanaian society, warning of dire consequences if left unchecked.

The World Political Leaders Summit 2024, held under the theme 'Democracy in the 21st Century,' provided a platform to address the multifaceted challenges facing democracies globally. Safo underscored the critical role of women's equal participation and leadership in preserving effective and resilient democracies.

Addressing specific issues such as electoral integrity and political party funding, Mrs. Safo stressed the importance of free, fair, and transparent elections, calling on the Electoral Commission of Ghana and political parties to uphold civility and integrity in the electoral process.

Regarding political party funding, Mrs. Safo highlighted the absence of laws regulating political financing in Ghana, allowing financiers to influence party interests at the expense of the electorate's welfare. She advocated for reforms to strengthen democratic institutions, echoing President Obama's sentiment that Africa needs strong institutions, not just strong individuals.

Mrs. Safo urged swift reforms to promote inclusive growth, social cohesion, and civic education to empower citizens to engage actively in democratic processes. She called on civil society organizations to join efforts in shaping a political landscape focused on serving humanity and providing essential services to the nation.

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