JOY urges students to be agents for change

BY: Doreen Andoh
Jacob Osei Yeboah addressing Nkwanta SHS students.
Jacob Osei Yeboah addressing Nkwanta SHS students.

Running for the second time, the only independent presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential race has appealed to senior high schools students who are 18 and above to become agents of change for Ghana's development.

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This he said they must do by voting massively for him in this year’s presidential election.

He said a vote for him would enable him to secure a better future for them.

Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah, popularly known as JOY, was speaking to the students of the Nkwanta Senior High School (SHS) in the Volta Region.

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He said the increasing unemployment rate in the country indicated how bleak the future of students in the SHS and the tertiary institutions was.

Unemployment rate

He said the unemployment rate, despite the high potential of job and wealth creation, was an indication that political party governance could not help the country.

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According to him, increasing access to education alone without improving quality and creating jobs to secure the future of the products of the educational institutions was not a wise thing to be done by any government.

Mr Yeboah said if voted into power, he will increase access to education, improve quality of education and create more jobs for the youth and, therefore, it was time for Ghana to give an all-inclusive government, which he represented as an independent candidate, a chance.

Parties seeking self interest

Mr Yeboah said most of the political parties were seeking their parochial interest and, therefore, did not share in the plight of unemployed graduates.

"If the political parties did, they would have espoused the Ghanaian dream to enhance the future of the youth who are the future leaders," he said.

He defined the Ghanaian dream as, “Creating wealth and economies out of the numerous natural resources the country is endowed with through industrialisation to create more and sufficient jobs, particularly for the youth in both the public and private sector.

He said the dream of an average Ghanaian was that of job creation, especially for the youth and the only solution to the unemployment situation in Ghana was industrialisation.

He, therefore, underscored the need for conscious and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, particularly the ruling government, to industrialise the country’s raw materials and human resources to create more jobs and achieve meaningful development.

“Industrialisation is an economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of goods in factories. In other words, it is the process of making products by using machinery and factories,” he said.