Volta River Authority denies blame for power outages
Volta River Authority denies blame for power outages

Volta River Authority denies blame for power outages

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has refuted accusations of causing the recent power disruptions in the nation, following claims made by the Independent Power Generators Ghana (IPGG) alleging excessive electricity exports to neighboring countries.


In a press release dated March 24, the VRA clarified that the assertion of failing to meet Ghana's power supply needs is unfounded and misleading.

"The VRA wishes to clarify that since 1972, it has consistently supplied electricity to neighboring nations without neglecting its responsibility to provide reliable and affordable power to Ghana," stated parts of the release.

Furthermore, the VRA emphasized that the distribution of power generated from the Akosombo and Kpong hydroelectric stations is overseen by the Electricity Market Oversight Panel (EMOP), not directly controlled by the VRA.

The VRA elaborated that due to this oversight structure, electricity allocation prioritizes the Ghanaian market, aligning with government strategies aimed at optimizing the nation's hydro resources in the long term.

These statements came in response to IPGG's claims that the ongoing power outages stem from VRA's excessive focus on exporting electricity, neglecting local demands.

Dr. Elikplim Kwabla Apetorgbor, CEO of IPGG, highlighted that while the VRA is encouraged to explore export opportunities to reduce idle-capacity burdens on the government, such endeavors must comply with legal frameworks.

“It is a regulatory requirement to ensure the domestic demand is met whilst maintaining the set 18% reserve margin”, he explained in an interview with myjoyonline.

“It is a great disservice to mother Ghana and Ghanaians for VRA to be exporting the most affordable hydro generation to neighbouring countries - Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin whilst the Ministry of Energy, PURC [Public Utilities Regulator Commission] and ECG [Electricity Company of Ghana] remain unconcerned and force the Ghanaian taxpayers pay for the expensive thermal generation and also sleep in the dark”, he continued.

Contrary to these allegations, the VRA reassured the public and stakeholders of its commitment to giving priority to electricity supply within Ghana, in accordance with its mandate, governmental directives, and regulatory responsibilities.

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