Rainfall deepens flooding challenges in Accra

BY: Justice Agbenorsi
Rainfall deepens flooding challenges in Accra

Friday’s rain in Accra exposed once again the inadequate drainage system coupled with improper sanitation practices which caused some areas to flood in the national capital.

Debris of plastics and other waste items were littered on the roads posing danger to motorists, particularly at Adabraka, while around the Flamingo traffic light at Mataheko and some parts of Odawna, heaps of sand collected from nearby drains but were yet to be evacuated were washed back into the drains.

The rain, which started at about 10:00 a.m., did not only affect residents who live in flood-prone areas, but also impacted workers who were already on their way to work. As a result, some of them told the Daily Graphic that they could not go to work after calling their offices to seek permission.

It also led to heavy gridlock on some principal streets in the capital as most drivers had to take their time to manoeuvre their way through the flooded streets.

While those driving had to park their cars to ensure that the intensity of the downpour subsided before getting to their various destinations, those walking had to take cover under sheds to avoid getting wet.


A resident of Adabraka, Joyce Nkrumah, told the Daily Graphic that “I get worried anytime it rains or I see the clouds gathering, today was not an exception.

“Whenever I am in town, I pray that I get home before it rains, after all, when I am home I can safeguard my belongings,” she added.

According to her, last week’s rainfall affected her household badly, resulting in me “losing my books and certificates. Currently, my family and I are perching with a relative and it’s not a good feeling”.

Another person, Bernard Owusu, who resides around the Busia junction along the Kasoa road, said his house got flooded anytime it rained because there were not enough drains while the existing ones got choked at the least rainfall.

“Apart from appealing to the government to come to our aid, I think we the residents also have a big role to play by ensuring we keep our surroundings tidy at all times and also desist from dumping rubbish into drains,” he said.