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The Clergy

Holy Apostolic Reformed Church celebrates 40th anniversary

The Holy Apostolic Reformed Church of Ghana (HARC) has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a call on Ghanaians, especially Christians, to focus on hard work and honesty instead of over reliance on spirituality to resolve their challenges.


The Interim Superintendent of HARC, Bishop Dr Thomas Okpoti, said many Christians had taken Christianity out of context by relying on pastors and others to help change their fortunes without ascribing to virtues that led to success.

“Understand the bible in context.

Do not turn precious working hours into prayer time.

 The God who made the heaven and the earth also made the seasons, and there is time for everything.

When it is time to pray, pray, and when it is time to work, work,” he said.

 According to Bishop Dr Okpoti, many Christians had been led astray by so called ‘men of God’ and were indulging in all sorts ungodly acts in the name of spirituality which were rather drawing them far away from God.

“When you are truly devoted to God, he will bless you.

We have situations where some people have allowed pastors to take control of their lives.

 Some women, including married women, allowing pastors to bath them all in the name of blessings,” he added.

Bishop Dr Okpoti used the occasion to also advise the youth to be steadfast, work hard and be diligent in their endeavours, and not follow short cuts to success.

He said many people, especially the youth, in their quest to be successful had indulged in treacherous activities which were destroying and leading them to their graves.

“Many people are walking speedily to their graves because they want instant success.

God does not work like that.

Success is a product of time. Great things do not happen instantly,” he said

The 40th anniversary of the HARC which was on theme: “The Glory of this Latter House” was held at the National Headquarters of the church in La, Accra, as well as the 47 branches across the country.

Bishop Dr Okpoti said after 40 years of preaching the gospel, touching lives and birthing many church leaders, the church had decided to strengthen its community engagements and provide more social intervention programmes, while it continued with its religious duty of bringing more people to Christ.

“Until the community is secured and people have support, people will not have the peace to go to church.

The church must be the salt and light of society and support people in their times of need,’ he added.

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