MAREDES calls for increased support for poor, needy

BY: graphic.com.gh

The Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MAREDES), has called for increased support for the needy in the light of COVID-19 pandemic.

“MAREDES prays for increased tempo of charity activities and programs to support needy churches, communities, families, youth groups, institutions, hospitals, and medical staff in these crucial times even as it joins the world in prayer for a speedy identification of a cure to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic which has increased poverty among God’s children,” it said.

This contained in a statement signed by its chairperson, Respected Lady Sister Elizabeth Anderson-Yebuah to commemorate World Day of the Poor, which fell on November 15, 2020.
The World Day of the Poor was instituted by Pope Francis in November 2016, to encourage support for the poor and needy in society.

The theme for this year was "Stretch Forth Your Hand to the Poor”

COVID-19 impact

The statement said in this era of COVID-19, poverty had manifested in many and diverse ways around the globe.

It said MAREDES had observed a significant rise in job losses all over the world, reduced opportunities for the unemployed and new entrants to the labour market.

“It has also witnessed an escalated number of the sick as a result of the COVID-19 infections. MAREDES takes cognizance of the plight of those who could not access hospitals and the scores of medical staff who had to be drawn into emergency services some of whom lost their lives in the line of duty,” it said.

The statement said the COVID-19 situation had resulted in untold hardships to many families and their dependents, pointing out that “under the circumstances, it is not possible to remain indifferent to the needs of the poor around us but more significantly it offers all of us the opportunity to serve Christ by serving the poor among us.”

MAREDES calls for increased support for poor, needy

With charity as the main pillar of Catholic Knighthood, it pledged to support a variety of projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of the poor.

It said this was the time for all men of goodwill to energize themselves and stretch forth a hand to help the poor and the needy.