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Sat, Nov

SLOPSA launches 65th anniversary of alma mater

SLOPSAN Barbara Lokko, (2nd left) Leader of 92 Year Group speaking at the anniversary launch in Accra.

ST Louis Senior High School in Kumasi has launched its 65th anniversary and Speech and Prize-Giving day in Accra with a call on the public to support girl-child education in the country.

The schools’ past students association, the St Louis Senior High School Past Students Association (SLOPSA), spearheaded the launch on the theme: “Equipping the Girl Child" for Leadership: Giving Back to Society.”

The school was established in 1952 in line with the policy of the Catholic Church to give equal educational opportunities to boys and girls.

Since then, it has become a fulcrum of girl-child education, setting females on a path to greater heights and increased participation in society and the economy.

At the launch in Accra, the Chairperson of SLOPSA, Mrs Yaa Antwi, said looking at the quality of Ghanaian women in leadership positions locally and internationally, it was incumbent on all to ensure that more girls were empowered through education to help them realise their dreams and impact society.

“We must appreciate the training we had and the need to contribute to support others to also develop,” she said.

The anniversary
For the first time, a SLOPSA year group is hosting the anniversary slated for June 23 to 25 this year in Kumasi. It will be hosted by the 1992 year group as it coincides with their 25th anniversary of leaving the school.

The Leader of the group, Mrs Barbara Lokko, said hosting the anniversary was a means to give back to their alma mater, adding that the group would undertake a number of projects valued at GH¢80,000.

The projects include the purchase of a commercial lawn mower, solar energy systems for some classroom blocks and sponsoring awards for students and teachers.

“We can only attribute our successes to the training the school gave us. We appreciate whatever St Louis gave us and are determined to give back, whether on a small or large scale,” she said.

Clad in SLOPSA green and white T-shirts, the past students sang the school anthem and encouraged one another to support their alma mater to remain a school where brilliant girls continued to pursue their dreams to make an impact on society.

Activities lined up for the anniversary include a mentoring session, health screening, variety show, speech day, dinner dance and a thanksgiving mass.

Modesty paid off
The Sisters of St Louis had earned a name for themselves as exceptional educationists in Ireland and France and they were brought in to help. They lived modest lives to save part of the meagre salaries they received, which they contributed to build the school back in the day.

The National President of SLOPSA, Mrs Juliana Bruce, said 65 years was a significant milestone in any life, considering the numerous challenges.

In spite of those, she said, St Louis had managed to maintain its standards, hence the need for celebrations.

Mrs Bruce called on all ‘SLOPSANs’ to support the 1992 year group to be able to undertake their projects.