‘Instil in children values of honesty, integrity’

BY: Graphic.com.gh

The President of the Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET), Mr Prosper Dan Afetsi, has called on school authorities to instil in children the values of honesty and integrity.

That, he said, was to ensure that they grew up with those values to, among other things, help deal with the issue of corruption in society.
“The world is getting corrupt because everybody is looking for short cut to success. Corruption now is gradually becoming a normal thing and we have to train these children to understand how to do the right thing. We have to let them understand the values of integrity and honesty,” he said.

Mr Afetsi said this at the eighth graduation ceremony of the St Charles School Limited in Accra.
He noted that some people preferred to invest in material things more than human beings, adding that “the best legacy and gift you can give your children is education”.
“Without education, they will mismanage and destroy everything you leave behind for them. I also know people who inherited so much but they couldn’t leave anything for their children,” he pointed out.
The FOGET president charged parents to also give their children start-ups for them to build their lives since the world was now competitive.
“Don’t say this is how I started so the child should also start that way. These children are competing with so many people in the world.
“Without a start-up, they cannot compete, they cannot run the race well. Invest in your children’s education and save for them”.

He urged the students to take their studies serious and not be distracted by things around them.
For his part, the Headmaster of the school, Mr Robert Quaye, said the dream of management to provide the school with a modern computer laboratory to enhance the smooth running of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), had been fruitful.
“As I speak, the students have gotten an ICT laboratory and a library attached to it,” he said.
He announced that the school participated in the just ended challenge quiz competition which was organised by (FOGET and GNAPS) and placed fourth out of the 42 schools that took part in the event.