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The other lady (2)

The other lady (2)

Hard as it was for Araba to move on following her breakup with Raymond, she was left with no choice. All she had was her life to continue with, a loving family and supportive friends. She also had a God to depend on. He had been her source of strength right from the beginning. There was no time to pity-party.


Her strength was admired by friends and family. They couldn't believe that she had quickly moved on with her life. After all what more could she do? She had to complete her schooling and she had to concentrate at work as she was still on probation. There was no way Raymond's impatience or decisions were going to stand in her way to success. It was difficult yet easy for her to quickly move on.

All too soon, her quest for a higher education had come to an end and she passed with honours. She had made her family proud, and more importantly, she had made herself proud. But her joy was cut short. She may have achieved all she had listed within the time frame she had made for herself but one thing was left. She was all by herself. There was no one to have those long winding, unending conversations with. There was no one she could gossip with, argue with and make memories with.

A year passed so quickly. And soon it was two years gone. Raymond had married his ex-girlfriend and had a child to his name. But what did she have? Only a certificate! Maybe she could have gone on with marrying him whilst pursuing her education, she thought to herself. Or maybe she could have deferred her course. Many thoughts ran through her mind anytime she was all by herself.

Soon she was sinking into a state of despair. She had a good job, she had supportive friends, she had a loving family, but one thing left her empty and she sometimes pitied herself for that. Friday nights with her friends were awesome. Spending time with her family after Sunday church service was great. Her weekdays at work was splendid, but her nights at home after her friends leave to their families and her aged parents retire to bed, leaving her staring into the white painted ceiling of her two bedroom apartment was awful.

It wasn't as though she wasn't a pretty young woman. She was smart too and every guy she met complimented her for that. But they didn't stay long; a month or two, the longest being about 6 months. She didn't understand why she couldn't have any meaningful relationship after Raymond.

Three years after five unsuccessful relationships, Araba resolved to stay single the following year. At that year's 31st December all night service, she prayed to God for strength. She resolved to invest her energies into building a stronger relationship with her Maker. It sounded like a good plan which wouldn't require so much effort after all she was an active member at church; being on several committees and being a lead vocalist in the church's choir.

Six months passed quickly and the results of her resolve were evident; going home after Friday night outs with her friends were no longer dingy and being all by herself when she had no where going were no longer depressing. She was looking better and feeling better and her co-workers wondered what may have caused the sudden transformation in her life. They thought it was another man. And of course it was but not a mortal.

To be continued...


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